This Is What People Eat In The World's Biggest Companies

This Is What People Eat In The World's Biggest Companies

Did you know the food provided in the cafeteria in the company can affect employee performance? then have you ever imagined, what kind of food is provided by the cafeteria in a number of large companies? they provide free food, not only for the employees, but also for the guests.Let's find out right away!

1. Google

Who does not know the world's largest search engine, Google? The New York-based Google office is said to be one of the best cafes in the world. Google provides free meals to its employees 3 times a day.

The cafeteria at Google's office is also famous for having a landscape that directly shows the beautiful area of Manhattan, NY. The cafeteria is divided into the types of food served. You can choose to eat fast food, snack, frozen yogurt, heavy foods, salads, or drinks.

2. Apple


The menu cafeteria in the Apple office is also no less tempting. The cafeteria at Apple's headquarters located in Cupertino, California, USA is named Caffé Macs. Just like the product design they make, their canteen also looks minimalist. In addition, there is a free pick up the whole meal, the canteen is also spacious and very elegant.

Apple office provides food menu from different parts of the world. For breakfast, you can choose strawberry toast, choco-chips pancakes, fresh juice, or ice cream. While at lunchtime, you will be treated to a menu typical of Mexico, Italy, Japan, Spain, and France. There is also fast food provided here.

3. Facebook

Facebook headquarters is located in Menlo Park, California, the USA has a cafeteria called Epic Café. In this cafeteria, more than 6 thousand employees get free food 3 times a day. Although not free, guests will be given a discount to be able to eat in the cafeteria. Not only that, the food here can also be brought home!

The food provided is mostly a typical American and Asian menu. They also have a schedule for special menus. For example, on Friday afternoon, at Epic Café there are wine and beer that can be taken for free.

4. Dropbox

The cafeteria is located at Dropbox headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA has an area of 400 square meters! With a very wide cafeteria, of course, the choice of food also varied. Moreover, the chef who served in Tuck Shop is an experienced chef who has worked in various best restaurants around the world.

5. Pixar

5. Twitter

Because the symbol of social media micro-blogging is a bird, so don't be surprised when you know the name of the cafeteria in Twitter headquarters is named birdfeeder. The cafeteria in the Twitter office is not too broad because recently moved to Market Square located in San Francisco, California, USA.

But even so, the food provided here is quite diverse and free. You will have no trouble choosing food because on the shelf there is a board showing the type of food provided with typical Twitter tags, such as #ComfortFood or #tenderloin.