The Slowest Animal Ever

The Slowest Animal Ever

We usually see what is the fastest of them all, now let’s take a look at some of the slowest animals in the world.



Koala is a marsupial mammal that moves slowly and nocturnal animal. Hands and feet are specially adapted for climbing trees. koala sleeping on eucalyptus trees during the day. Koala is a protected species but is threatened by habitat loss

Gila Monster


Gila Monster is a large lizard species, originally found in the United States and northern Mexico. Gila Monster has strong legs and long claws used for digging. Gila monsters spend most of their time in underground burrows. Gila monsters usually eat mice, baby rabbits, birds, and eggs of birds found in the soil.



Manatees are large marine mammals and manatees also known as sea cows. The manatees have an average weight of more than 500kg and can grow more than 4.5 meters. Despite having a large size, they can survive up to 70 years. Manatee spends most of their time at the plant in warm, shallow waters less than two meters. Manatees are herbivores and therefore only really eat water plants such as seaweed and algae.


These aren’t the same things from SpongeBob. These microscopic worms feed on bacteria and are so slow they have to wait for the food to come to them.



Seahorses are mysterious characters underwater. The top speed of a seahorse is .5 miles per hour. Seahorses even look like the most non-sealant swimmers in the sea.



Starfish with five arms are commonly found attached to the central disc. Starfish does not depend on the frame and has a hydraulic water vascular system that helps the starfish move

Three-Toed Sloth


Three-Toed Sloth is a member of the genus Bradypus and the family Bradypodidae. Famous slow-moving, animals who are lazy. Which runs at a top speed of 0.15 mph. Three-Toed Sloth about the size of a small dog, with a combined head and body about 60 cm tall, and the animal weighs 3.5-4.5 kg.

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Giant Tortoise


Giant tortoises are characteristic of a certain tropical islands. They are one of the animals in the world’s longest-lived, with an average age of 100 years or more. Turtle has the speed varies according to species. Tortoise the slowest in the world has been calculated to have 0.13 to 0.30 mph. However, when they swim, their speed can reach 22 mph.



Facts snail the slowest animal in the world. He only has a maximum speed of 0.03 mph. Making them easy to catch since prehistoric times. Slimy snail's soft bodies are susceptible to drying, so the snails live confined to a moist environment and had to retreat to a hiding place when the weather is wet to dry.

American woodcock


The American woodcock is the world’s slowest bird. Though it is much faster than other animals on this list, it holds the record for the slowest flying speed ever recorded for a bird – 5 mph (8 km)



Loris is a medium-sized primate, often counted among strange and hideous creatures, what with its tennis ball eyes and curiously human-like but strangely long hands. They have slow movement, at a speed of about 55.5 cm per sec. They can extract mild toxins to discourage some predators, and can lumber to avoid them. Hence, they are fearless. Oh, and they are also nocturnal, hidden in the dark.

Sea Anemone


Yes, the sea anemone is an animal! They usually spend their whole lives in one place, but some can creep slowly along the ocean floor. Although you’ll need time-lapse photography to actually witness it, since they only average about 0.04 inches per hour!

Greenland Shark


Most people think of sharks as swift-moving predators, but not every member of the family can keep up with that reputation. Scientists recently declared the Greenland shark to be the slowest representative of the species, swimming at an average speed of only 1 mile per hour. They’re so sluggish, in fact, that they have to hunt by sneaking up on sleeping seals.