The Secrets of Slicing Onions without Tears

The Secrets of Slicing Onions without Tears

Of course everyone agrees that peeling and slicing various types of onions can make eyes painful. Including onions, which even when it’s peeled or sliced, can make us shed a tear. Just like shallots, onions also contain sulfoxide compounds. By the enzyme in the onion, this compound is converted into irritant gas which makes the eye painful. However, it is also the substance that makes a good flavor when we cooked it. To reduce the pain attack in our eyes when we chop the onion, there are some tricks to try.

1. Slice it next to a ventilated-place

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The wind that blows from the window or door will fly the gas and throw it away from our eyes. So, it’s recommended to cut the onion in a well-ventilated place. We can also use a fan to keep the air away from our eyes.

2. Put the onion into the chiller

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Before slicing, put the onion into the chiller for an hour. Cold temperatures are believed to reduce sulphoxide compounds that turn into irritant gas.

3. Use a very sharp knife

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Slicing onions is recommended using a sharp knife. The goal is to take place quickly in the slicing process and shorten eye contact with irritant gas.

4. The last slice is the root part

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*Sulfoxide *substances are mostly found in the root. Therefore, the root section must be the last part to chop.

5. Slice the onion while standing

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By slicing onions while standing, we have a considerable distance between eye and hand. In this way, the eye will be less exposed to irritant gas.

6. Slice in water

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Water is believed to dissolve sulfoxide compounds so that the amount of irritant gas released into the air can be reduced. But, this particular way can also make other beneficial substances wasted with water. Therefore, this last trick is not recommended.

Guaranteed, by practicing the 6 ways above, slicing onions will be free from painful eyes. Have a nice try!