Scary Motorbikes Amazing Design

Scary Motorbikes Amazing Design

1. Titanium Skeleton Bike


Titanium bone-shaped big motor designed by John Farr. A leading automotive magazine in America calls this with the nickname “The Crypt”. A template used for this motor is Titanium Grade 2.

2. Extreme Corpse Motorcycle


Motorcycle Blue Flame Alley work is made with a level of creativity that is extraordinary. It was sculpted look of models such as the ribs were destroyed in the tank.

Then design framework winning hand front wheel. Skeleton shape design on the back foot bones seemed firmly gripping the back seat. In addition, at the side of the fuel tank, there is also a dangling heart.

3. Skeleton Bike


Unfortunately, no known definitive data regarding the vehicle’s designers. So also the intent of the modification-shaped motor is very scary.

4. Devil Skeleton Bike


There is no clear information about the modifier of this motor. What is clear, this bike looks like it came from “hell” and “pounce” other motors in the streets.

5. Skelton Bike II


Form of this bike looks like the framework of human hands leaned on the front, as well as the foot skeleton at the rear wheels. It is unclear who made it, but it feels like this bike deserves to be included in the list.

6. Skull Motorcycle


Anyone who makes this bike certainly has done very remarkable. The fuel tank in the motor has been changed to the shape of the skull.
Evil aura is very visible on this bike. Headlights have been replaced become the eyes of the skull that looks more and more sinister.

7. GatorBike


The motors are designed by Jim Jablon made exclusively using genuine crocodile skin and skull were taken by local authorities through the official permit.
Motor with Ultima machines were created with the aim to raise funds for a rehabilitation center for animals belonging to Jim. The agency tasked to save wildlife habitat often hunted and destroyed by the irresponsible.

8. Suzuki Hayabusa Predator


Modified by Pitstop Motorsport, Hayabusa is wrapped with a display Predator Monster, a creature in the movie “Predator,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Beast as if stalking you through the motor output in 2007.

9. Skeleton Chopper Bike


This motor will be very scary in the dark streets, as strange design using skeleton skull. Motor as this is more suited to frighten others.

10. Weird Toon Bike


It is not clear who is making the bike like this. But, if you are driving at the time of Halloween, perhaps those who see it will never want to watch cartoons again.