Quick Tips for Obtaining Your Next Promotion

Quick Tips for Obtaining Your Next Promotion

who doesn't want to get a job promotion? Attract the attention of your boss to take note of your contributions in the office. Well, you can have it without looking so desperate.

Here are 6 ways to look attractive in front of the boss without needing to stand out. Let's check it out!

Show your storytelling abilities

Do not just say that you reach x, y, z. Make them interested by focusing on the steps you are going through, the mistakes you make along the way, and the people you can learn in the process. Focus on the experience, not your ability.

Give praise to the superiors

Do not hesitate to express your gratitude to your team and supervisor as you share your accomplishments. This shows that you are humble and rewarding where it should be. Being down-to-earth instantly makes you safer and trustworthy, rather than being someone who thinks he knows everything.

Support with facts.

Do not just say that you increase the sales department by 20% within six months. Take a look at the details of how you make it happen, and make sure you have documentary evidence that you have done what you say.

Be Specific

Specify specific examples without over-exaggerating. Do not just say that you are "the best sales manager in the company." It sounds over deliverables and counterfeit. Anyone can say that he is the best, but proves it is a completely different issue.

Make a specific statement that clearly describes your contribution, such as "I increased my sales conversion by x% by focusing on regular social media activity and driving customer engagement."

Do not talk too much

If the boss wants more information, they will ask for it. Discussing it continuously shows that you feel unsafe and very desperate. This is a great rejection base.

Stay confident

Confidence is very important if you want to be respected, but it does not mean you have to be arrogant. It's all about balancing between self-esteem and humility. Get to know your pricing and be proud of who you are, but stay open to the perspective and opportunity to learn something new from others.

Being able to balance self-esteem with humility will affect how you present yourself and your contribution, making you more like a partner and boss.

Are you ready to promote yourself for a better career? Hopefully, this information will be useful!