Proof of Study: Work Night Shift For Women, Increase Cancer Risk!

Proof of Study: Work Night Shift For Women, Increase Cancer Risk!

In general, morning to evening is the productive time of the body, while the night is the schedule for the body to sleep and rest. But some professions require women to work at night or taking night shift jobs, such as doctors and nurses.

This is not easy for women, not to mention the work habits of night shift also save health risks, namely trigger cancer. Research from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), revealed that women who work night shift have a 19% higher risk of developing cancer. The most vulnerable cancers are breast, lung, skin and gastrointestinal cancers as compared to women who do not work night shift.

In the study also mentioned that the nurse profession to be the biggest risk of breast cancer because they get more night work hours. Nurses who work night shift have 58% more developed breast cancer, 35% more develop gastrointestinal cancer and as many as 28% lung cancer.

Women who work at night shift are vulnerable to cancer.The researchers, Xuelei Ma, PhD, the Sichuan University oncologist, pointed out "By systematically integrating from previous data, we found that night shift work was positively associated with some common cancers in women.The results indicate the need for health protection programs for night shift workers long-term women. "

At night is the prime time to rest, where the body regenerates cells so that it can still work optimally the next day, sleep deprivation at night causes many hormonal imbalances and metabolism that trigger more diseases, one of which is cancer. So, it would be better not to work at night ladies.