Most Dangerous Place For Humans

Most Dangerous Place For Humans

Did you know that there are still places on this earth that are dangerous to be visited by human beings because they can cause harm or even death? Now let's see which places on earth might risk your life.

1. Surtsey Island


An underwater volcano erupted in the Icelandic waters and slowly formed a new island of 2.7 square kilometers. As soon as this island was formed, many scientists around the world came to see the island because of its outstanding example of island formation and the beginning of a new life. Since then, this island is only visited for scientific purposes.

2. Ilha da Queimada Grande


This island called Ilha da Queimada Grande has located 35 km from the coast of Brazil. At the first glance it looks like a paradise but this island with an area of 0.43 square kilometers, has a population of around 4000 snakes.

The most dangerous species of snakes are Bothrops insularis or snake lancehead gold lives on this island. They have five times stronger than other venomous snakes and when they bite will cause death instantly. So the Brazillian government forbids people to step foot on this island because it is very deadly.

3.  North Sentinental Island


This island is home to indigenous tribes called the Sentinenal. The tribes that live on this island always avoid contact with civilization and fight against anyone that tries to enter their island. Scientists said that the natives spend more than 60,000 years in isolation from the rest of human civilization.

In 2004, the Indian government wanted to help those people whether they needed help after the tsunami but the Sentinental tribe fired with arrows at their helicopter. The last victim of this deadly tribe is some missing fishermen who were killed by the tribes. After the murder, The Indian government insists their people and tourist stay away from this deadly island.

4. Ise Grand Shrine


There is a temple in Japan that is isolated from the outside world.People who are allowed to enter are high ranking priests and members of the imperial family. By 1945,Ise is even more harder to access because it separated by Miyagawa river. It is forbidden for the monks to cross the river because it is a violation of the sanctity of holy place.

5. Gruinard Island


Gruinard island is an island in Scotland that the British government bought to test biological weapons such as anthrax.While they did the experiment,the anthrax was polluting the island and cause deaths. In 1986 scientists started to clean this polluted island until it is declared safe in 1990.However experts warn the anthrax spores remain in the soil of the island so that means it would not be fit for people to live in the coming years.