Want to Pet a Cat? First Pay Attention to 7 Things Cats Love

Want to Pet a Cat? First Pay Attention to 7 Things Cats Love

For those of you who like cats or keep cats at home, you must pay close attention to their growth and behavior. Cats have behaviors that are sometimes difficult for humans to understand. Especially for friends who have never kept it.

Well, for those of you who just want to raise a cat, you have to know their behavior and favorite things first. What are the things that cats like?

Cats Like to Take Care of Himself


Cats are often seen licking their bodies, actually to cool the body temperature after sweating. If you've ever seen a cat that often licks itself, you don't need to be confused. That means the cat is taking care of itself. Bathe or not, the cat will still do the cleaning for himself by licking.

Cats Like to Drink from Flowing Water


For you cat owners, you must have seen cats not wanting to drink water from their drinking containers. Instead, he prefers to drink from tap water or water from a plant vase. This is because cats prefer cold, freshwater. Especially if the water is running water.

Cats Love to Play


if you want to have a cat, make sure you have time to play with it. Cats are like small children who need attention and play activities. No need to bother buying, cats can play with simple items such as small balls, cardboard, and shoelaces.

Cat likes naps


Cats are nocturnal animals that have more time to nap than sleep at night. So, don't worry if your cat sleeps more and asks for food during the day, rather than playing.

Cats Love Nutritious and Fresh Food


Cats do not like food that is not fresh. Therefore, give enough cat food. Not too much and not too little. This helps the cat to finish its food without any leftovers.

Cats like to scratch and scratch


Cats like to suddenly scratch and scratch objects around them. For example mattresses, table legs, sofa cushions, trees, and so on. That's because the cat is sharpening its claws. Scratching can also relax the cat.

Cats Love Birdwatching


If you live near a lot of trees, your cat will definitely prefer to sit quietly on the patio. He likes to watch birds making cages, birds descending to the ground looking for food, or birds in flight. Some cats even like to approach where the birds are active, for example under a tree.