People Who are Trying to Live Eternally

People Who are Trying to Live Eternally

Humans will surely die, that is a fact that cannot be denied by anyone because no matter who and how humans live, we will all eventually leave this world. It's a reality, a destiny that we can't change no matter what.

But in historical records, there are some people who do not want to accept this sad fate. Some of these people want to avoid death and live forever in this world with all the luxuries they have. Ageless, live forever, can't be killed.

And who are those people?

Qin Shihuang

Qin Shi Huang

He was the first to unify all of China and ordered the construction of a giant wall. Since the age of 13 years, he has become a king, and every night he is rewarded with one woman to accompany the night. In total, he had more than 13 thousand concubines.

The man who has everything. Treasures, thrones, and women, all in his hands. No one dared to oppose him and all his words were laws that had to be implemented. What else is missing from his life? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

But as time passed he noticed that his skin was starting to loosen, his movements were starting to slow down and his brain acuity was starting to decline. Yes, he's getting old. His long black hair that symbolized the honor of a noble was turning white, his manhood was no longer as mighty as it was when he was young and the wrinkles on his face were starting to form sickening lines.

Qin Shi Huang, a man who has everything but also doesn't want to lose everything. Because of his fear of death, he ordered all the smart people in China to make him a potion of immortality. Not only that he even believe in a swindler named Xu Fu and gave six thousand virgins as payment for immortality medicine but instead he was deceived, Xu Fu instead fled to Japan with all these women.

Haunted by his despair he drank whatever the chemists gave him and finally Qin Shi Huang died of poisoning because he accidentally drank mercury. Qin Shi Huang also died at a relatively young age, 49 years.

Nicolas Flamel

nicolas flamel

Nicolas Flamel is a brilliant scholar who dedicated his life to translating a mysterious book about the Philosopher's Stone, a stone that can turn ordinary metal into gold and grant its owner immortality. However, Nicolas died on March 22, 1418, at the age of 88 years.

Rumors that he actually succeeded in creating the Philosopher's Stone began to spread in the 17th century and some believe that he is actually still alive and this belief inspired several figures to write about Nicolas Flamel. In Harry Potter, for example, Nicolas Flamel is told to continue to prolong his life with the philosopher's stone and he lives up to 700 years with his wife.

Alexander Bogdanov

Alexander bogdanov

Alexander is a genius doctor from the Soviet Union who believes that human blood is the key to eternal life. Taking advantage of his connections with Russian ruler Lenin, he founded the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in 1924 and started experiments to keep him young.

The principle is simple, if he transfuses blood from someone younger than him then he will have 'young blood' in his body that will prolong his life. The truth of this theory has not been proven at all because Bogdanov accidentally injected the blood of a malaria patient into his body and this was the reason for his death.

His genius has contributed greatly to the world because he was one of the pioneers who introduced the blood transfusion system but at the same time, he died a ridiculous and tragic death.

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

Who would have thought that the originator of this gravitational force was also interested in eternity? In his youth Newton had studied the occult or belief in demons and from this belief, he began to think about the existence of supernatural beings and other supernatural things.

Newton is believed to have helped study the recipe for the stone of the philosopher Flamel left behind and after his death, the recipe was dug up from his laboratory. In the recipe he left behind there were some ingredients such as mercury which explained his supposed death from mercury poisoning, just like Qin Shi Huang.