Now You Know: Why Didn't People Smile in Old Photographs?

Now You Know: Why Didn't People Smile in Old Photographs?

When faced with the camera, surely people nowadays will automatically put a big smile. Especially since the emergence of a selfie trend that makes everyone competing to make poses as attractive as possible.

The photography now is very different from the style of the photographs of the olden days. Once, when people were new to the camera, the pose that people do is always the same like put a serious face without a smile. This then makes the experts competing to explore the reasons behind their cold faces.

Are you wondering why? Here's the reason why they don't smile when taken photographs.

1. Technology.
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The absence of smiles on the faces of the olden days was due to the effect of the length of time that the camera took to capture the images. In 1837, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre of French nationality discovered a photographic technique which he named Daguerreotype, which allowed the shooting to take about 60 to 90 seconds. Of course it's hard to hold the pose of laughter during that, right?

2. Applicable ethics.
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From 1837 to 1901, the rules of ethics and beauty differed from those that exist today. In those days, small, tightly closed mouths were considered appropriate. This is because they think smiles are only found in children, the poor who are not educated, and the drunkards.

3. Myths that circulate.
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Another reason why they do not smile when photographed is because some countries in Europe think that taking pictures can reduce age. This creepy myth seems to have been trusted by many people at that time. As a result many people are also reluctant to take pictures for fear of death soon.

4. Health problems.
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Mentioned at that time, damaged teeth can only be revoked. No broken tooth can be fixed. Therefore a closed mouth is considered to make himself look more attractive than showing a damaged tooth.

5. Environmental conditions.
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The last reason is that many wars and colonies were happening at that time also the reason why people of the olden days did not smile when photographed. Psychologically , they were probably not as happy as modern people today, right?