Nightlife : Best Nightclub Places and Party

Nightlife : Best Nightclub Places and Party

Are you a party-goer? If you have a plan to pay a visit to the best nightclub in the world, you should go to these clubs. They will blow your mind by giving you the usual experience that you ever have.

Privilege, Ibiza (Spain)

Ibiza has the largest nightclub in the world. Well if it is not the biggest in the world, at least it is the biggest in Europe. Those who really want to find out the meaning of nightlife in liberty are invited to discover the latest trends in Electric, house music, and trance. Three floors, a swimming pool, and 10,000 clubbers in one place, what else you are asking for?

Halikarnas Club (Turkey)

Halikarnas, Turkey is the only nightclub in the world founded by the Roman style, where the party took place in the open and fresh air invites you to have more all romantic

Reina Bruja (Spain)

Light is everything, the Reina Bruja, Madrid has a combined use of light, color, and curves that make a room change constantly.

Guacara Taina (Dominican Republic)

Located in Santo Domingo, Guacara Taina is actually a cave and it is one of the oldest clubs in the world. Familiarity setting, located several meters underground, offers to fun to anyone. Guacara Taina will give you an unusual party experience inside of a cave and somehow it will blow your mind.

Chlosterli (Switzerland)

Chlosterli, Switzerland is the ideal place for those who adore the rhythm of the music in an old room, with contemporary interior design. This nightclub will bring you to different levels of nightlife experience.

Le Batofar (France)

Le Batofar, Paris will invite you to feel nightlife at the river Seine under your feet, in amazing rhythms. You’ll be impressed by the lights and modern electronic music. If you come to Paris, don’t ever forget to come here at least once.

La Fira (Spain)

The club La Fira in Barcelona will exceed many expectations of many young people, taking into consideration that having fun in a museum is not an everyday event.

Miniscule of Sound (UK)

Miniscule of Sound, London is a nightclub for couples or for those who love intimacy, in the truest sense of the term. This is also the world’s smallest disco nightclub.

Skye Club (Brazil)

Skye Sao Paulo is a stylish club on the last floor of the tallest hotel in the city. You can feel as close to heaven because you will feel like you had never enjoyed your life before you come to this place.

Cocoon Club (Germany)

Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, Germany is for those who want unforgettable nightlife are invited to where they will find high-quality music in a dreamlike setup. The large main floor and the dance floor will be featuring the DJ poised on a white pulpit and architecture meant to looks like organic form and shapes. For a more relaxed time, you also can find a 250 square meter lounge and a full-service restaurant.


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