How To Lose Weight Fast By Natural Supplements

Most people would always want to look slim and healthy , but not a lot of people knows how to really lose weight in a healthy way.There are better ways to lose weight which is by natural supplements, contains full nutrients required for your body that will help you to lose weight.

1. A Scoop of Lemon Juice For An Improved Immune System.

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Lemons contain high quantity of Vitamin C that helps to maintain a healthy weight.The lemons are detoxifying in nature and have alkalizing effect on our body.

In the Journal of Nutrition in 2007, researchers discovered that people who consume more Vitamin C has less weight than the people who avoid consuming Vitamin C in their daily food.

You can add lemon to your hot water or tea every morning to start your day.The boost of Vitamin C will burn your fat and help to depollute your immune system.

2. A Scoop of Cinnamon To Regulate Blood Sugar.

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Cinnamon helps in reducing blood sugar, which is very important for the weight loss process.The anti-parasitic and antimicrobial properties in the cinnamon helps to balance blood glucose,blood pressure and cholesterol.

Cinnamon can be eaten by sprinkling it on top of your smoothies or cereals that will give more flavor or you can mix cinnamon and honey in a glass of hot water.

3. A Scoop of Raw Organic Honey For Good Metabolism.

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Raw organic honey is not the same as your jar-packed honey so when buying make sure the label says raw and organic.It can be substitute to regular sugar because it consist of iron,sodium,potassium,phosphorous ,zinc and calcium.

It contains 22 amino acids that stops body to gain more weight and increase metabolism.This healthy honey is effective for fat burning treatment.You can consume honey by one or two tablespoon straight from the raw organic honey jar.

4. A Scoop of Apple Cider Vinegar To Curb Hunger.

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Fresh apple cider contains enzymes,vitamins and minerals that allow the body to feel less hungry.The fibers and organic acids also helps us to not eat snacks.

According to a study in the *European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, *found out that people who consume apple cider vinegar with bread ate less and felt more satisfied than those who did not consume it.

The good quality of apple cider vinegar is produced from organic apples.If you want to curb your hunger, you can take 2 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar with a glass of water after 30 minutes of meal.

5. A Scoop of Virgin Coconut Oil For Healthy Fat Intake.

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Virgin coconut oil contains saturated fat that helps to reduce weight and healthy fatty acids, which can stop us from excessive eating.

A study written in The *International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition *says that coconut oil can help us reducing our appetite and increasing metabolism.This oil is really good for cooking because of the heat resistant.

Most people change their olive oil with virgin coconut oil because it can reduce appetite and it works as anti-aging component.To preserve the healthy fat in the virgin coconut oil, try to replace some cooking fat with it.

6. A Scoop of Turmeric To Gain Good Antioxidants.

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Turmeric is the most effective way to lose weight without having any side-effects.It contains curcumin which helps in detoxification and antioxidants.The anti-inflammatory properties helps the immune system and lowers cholesterol.

You can add curcumin to meat to make the color beautiful and healthy.The recent popular way to consume turmeric is through the consumption of Golden Milk, which is a combination of turmeric with coconut oil or milk.

7. A Scoop of Ginger For Better Digestion.

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Ginger has a high fiber content that helps in the movement of food inside the body.It will rise our metabolism because ginger helps burning fat and calories.

It is most used in the Chinese medicine and ancient Ayurvedic, which works as anti-inflammatory,suppresses hunger and balance blood sugar.

Ginger can be consume by adding it to a soup or steak and also before breakfast by drinking tea also add lemon and ginger.

8. A Scoop of Organic Cocoa Powder To Suppress Appetite.

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Organic cocoa powder helps you satisfy your sweet tooth while acting as the influential natural way to suppress appetite. The contents of cocoa powder help in elevating mood, and source our body with antioxidants and proteins.

Cocoa powder amazingly metabolizes fat and uses it as energy.Organic cocoa powder works effectively for 22 hours and reduces oxidation damage to blood, according to British Journal of Nutrition, 2010.

Organic cocoa powder is different from dark chocolate or drinking chocolate. It can easily be found in baking section of supermarkets. To suppress appetite while consuming healthy fat, cocoa powder can be taken with lukewarm coconut milk.

9. A Scoop of Ground Flax Seed For Essential Fiber.

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The rich of omega 3 fatty acids and 25 percent fiber, ground flax seed helps makes you feel less hungry and gain you antioxidants.Flax seed provide gut bacteria that can make your digestive works well and lose weight easily.

The whole flax seed goes undigested so you should consume the ground flax seed.You can eat it by sprinkling over sad,soups and yogurt.

10. A Scoop of Garlic To Flush Fat.

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Garlic herb has a lot of benefits such as burning fat,boosting metabolism and detoxification.It also balance the sugar in our blood and weight loss.According to a famous Korean study in the *Journal of Nutrition, *it was discovered that a fat mice got slimmer because of the consumption of garlic.

You can lose extra fat by drinking a bittersweet drink of this herb and lemon juice.You can peel 3 garlic cloves and leave them open for 10 minutes after that make a lemon juice from 1 lemon in a glass of water.Finally stir it for 2 minutes and drink it early in the morning.