Most Unique Restaurants in the World

Most Unique Restaurants in the World

A visit to a fine restaurant mostly guarantees us a fine ambiance and a delicious meal. There are some fine restaurants that don’t just offer all that but gives you a whole new cool experience.

Let’s explore some of the unique restaurants around the world where you don’t just eat great food but experience amazing sensations while eating.

1. Treepoddining – Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand


If you appreciate the gourmet meal and have no problems with your pockets then leave for Soneva Kiri Resort,Kohkood island, Thailand.The tripod dining bamboo pods on tropical trees of the ancient rain forest.

While eating, the guests can watch a magical view of the blue water and sandy shoreline. You can also taste one of the expensive wines served by a personal waiter who will serve you high up using the acrobatics of a zipline. Cool service right?

2. Snow Castle Restaurant – Kemi, Finland


If you like to eat in the cold then here is a restaurant that will serve you in a minus 5 degrees Celsius. The snow castle restaurant is always rebuilt every winter with different architecture every year. The residents of Kemi, Finland are proud of this fine restaurant so isn’t it amazing to eat on the ice!

3. Kayabukiya tavern, Japan


This restaurant is called Kayabukiya Tavern in Japan will surprise you with the monkeys. Instead of the waiters and waitresses, the cute monkeys will serve your food.

The monkeys in Japan can work also like humans but only for 2 hours a day, due to Japan’s animal rights regulation and also a proper treatment for the monkeys. If the adorable monkeys win your heart then you can give them boiled soya beans for tips!

4. Fangweng Restaurant – Yichang, China


The fangweng restaurant in China is built in a cave and dangling hundreds of feet above the mighty Yangtze River. It is not only in a cave but this restaurant has a narrow concrete.

There is a bridge that hangs on the other side of the cliff so if you want to dine then you must cross the bridge to reach the main dining area. After that, you can eat and see the longest river in Asia!

5. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines


If you like to travel and see waterfalls then here is Labassin waterfall in the Philipines where you can eat and watch the beautiful waterfall right in front of your eyes.

You can seat in the bamboo dining tables and feel the trickling water on your feet from the cold waterfall. The running cold water is really nice in the humid atmosphere of the Labassin waterfall. The menu includes authentic local dishes.

6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives


The culture of this man-made underwater tunnel in the Maldives is wine and dine. You can watch the fish swim over your head while you enjoy a toast or your favorite wine from 16 feet below sea level. It is fortunate that this undersea restaurant was not damaged by the tsunami.

7. El Diablo – Canary Island, Spain


What about eating a gourmet meal cooked on top of a volcano? if this restaurant is so interesting for you then you can come to El Diablo in Timanfaya National Park.

Your food will be barbecued and cooked from a geothermal heat 450-500 degrees Celsius coming out from the mouth of the volcano. The volcano erupted for the last time in 1824.

The way the chef cooks on a volcano attracts tourists every day. You can experience the sunset on the volcano field while eating your food fired from a volcano!

8. Dinner In The Sky – Brussels, Belgium


It has been a long time that we always wish to fly like birds.Here is the chance to feel like flying in Brussels, Belgium. Dinner in the sky is an organization that goes around the world arranging hanging dinner from remarkable places.

Their journey has been 40 years flying the restaurant in Europe, Australia, India, Dubai, Canada, and USA by working together with the organization in these countries.

The operation of “dinner in the sky” is in the capital of Belgium. The best chefs in the world cook the food and a gastronomic extravaganza is high up in the sky!

9. KinderkookCafe – Amsterdam, Netherlands


What is so special about this place is that all the talented chefs in the kitchen of this unique restaurant are all children!

The enthusiastic children prepare finger-licking items for the guests and for themselves. The adults can also help as volunteers and interns to help them in the kitchen.

10. S Baggers – Nuremberg, Germany


The idea of this restaurant must have been from a sci-fi movie. The guests can order their food from a computer then the food and drinks are delivered to the table by a whizzing roller coaster!

It's so cool that the food and drink are delivered without a single drop! The kids really like this place and wanted to go back to this interesting restaurant.