Most Unique Plants

Most Unique Plants


The Most Powerful Plant in the World - Welwitschia Mirabilis

Indeed, this one plant does not look cool, but the original plant of Namibia is indeed extraordinary, only one! this plant has only two leaves, and one root, that's all! but these two leaves continue to grow. The stems of this plant the longer it gets thicker, it will not rise, the maximum height of this plant is only 2 meters. but the width can reach 8 meters. The age of this plant can reach 400 years to 15 century. It can live without rain for 5 years! In addition, the plants inside Namibans referred to Onyanga are in fact good to eat, eaten raw, or cooked. And, the meaning of Onyanga's name is the desert onion!


Carnivorous Plants - Dionaea Muscipula

This one plant is a very popular carnivorous plant, due to its activity and efficiency when trapping prey. Pair of leaves as a characteristic of this plant is a trap that has ultra-sensitive hair, which can feel there are animals or small insects that come. Thus when the hair on this leaf is touched, the leaves can close and trap any animal that approaches it.


The Biggest Flower in the World - Rafflesia Arnoldii

This rare big flower gained tremendous attention in the world. Think of the size of the flower that can reach 1 meter and its own weight can reach 8 kg to 12 kg. But the problem is the smell, so it is closer to the smell of rotten meat. Therefore, this flower is also known as the carcass flower, which is the original habitat of this flower. This flower can bloom for 1 week or three days, as well as attracting insects to fertilize with the foul smell emitted by this flower. But from the results of conception, only 10-20% are successful growth.


Dancing Plants - Desmodium Gyrans

Darwin named this plant as Hedysarum, or some botanist called it desmodium gyrans, or more modern codariocalyx motorius. Commonly known names are dancing grass or semaphore plant (semaphore plant), due to the movement of the leaves, which is similar to the hand movement of the semaphore signer. this plant is easy to grow skeali, just need the sun and water alone without the need for complicated fertilizer.


Baseball Ball Plant - Euphorbia Obesa

This plant is an endemic plant in the Great Karoo area, South Africa. Because of its cute shape, many plant enthusiasts end up taking this plant and collecting it, so the population is severely damaged. Finally, this plant is protected by the South African government.


Flower Carcasses - Amorphophallus Titanum

This one flower is big, even higher than humans. Well .. this flower also was earned the nickname Flower Carrion, because in addition to the smell that is similar to carcasses, also the color mimics rotting meat. This flower was also widely known in the world community as one of the native plants of Indonesia.


Bottle Trees - Baobab

This tree is native to Madagascar, Africa, and Australia. This tree is called a bottle tree because, in addition to the shape that is like a bottle, this tree was indeed able to save up to 300 liters of water! So can grow up to 500 years!