Terrifying Experiments In History

Terrifying Experiments In History

Some people around the countries like to conduct some kind of experiments to overcome problems or to invent a new experiment to see how satisfying it will be.However, some of the experiments exceed the limit which occurred bad effects towards the environment or even injured and kill innocent people.Here we have a list of terrifying experiments ever happened in history.

1. Project Storm furry


The Project Storm furry which proved fatal in the late 1940’s.The idea of this experiment derived from a doctor by the name of Irwin Langmuir who devised using crystals to weaken the hurricane so that the loss of people’s lives and property would be prevented.They dropped a large amount of ice crystals on the hurricane but what happened next was exactly the opposite, the hurricane changed its direction and move to near coastal city of Savanna,Georgia which cause many loss of life and property.

2. Elephant and acid


This experiment was done to study the behavior of the male elephants.The name of the elephant was “Truko” who was given a quantity of LSD injection to determine whether it would make temporary madness to them.This injection was 3,000 more times a regular human can take.The next thing that happened after the injection to the elephant was that the elephant died after 45-50 minutes later.

3. Heart Stabbing


Werner Theodor Otto forsman, a surgical trainee who made an experiment on putting himself into local anesthetic and inserted a cathedral into his veins of his arm. Although his veins could be pierced,he risked his life by carrying it slowly to his heart.Fortunately, he successfully accomplished the experiment and because of this man the process for cardiac catheterization is used until today to save many lives. He was also awarded a Nobel prize in 1956.

4. Experiments by Nazi


What was happening when Hitler ruled was not just war against race but there was also terrifying experiments done with people including children.One of the experiments were the “freezing experiments”, which is the experiments of amputations and experiments with poison which leads to many death of the innocent people.

5. Russian Borehole


On 24th May 1970, a huge borehole has been dug at about 40,000 ft in Russia.This scary experiments could lead to a terrifying disaster such as earthquakes and other calamities because it could shift the earth’s tectonic plate.Nowadays, this borehole is the deepest artificial point on earth and a site of many geophysical studies.

6. Hadron Collider


This is surely the most terrifying experiment ever happened on earth because it could take effect until today.It is the worlds most powerful particle collider which is located at an underground facility in Switzerland.The experiment was to learn more about the particle physics and high-energy physics.It contains a collision of protons,electrons at very high speed which is being observed by more than 10,000 scientists around the world.Most of the scientist believe that the collider could generate a black hole that will destroy earth and other dangerous phenomena might happen.

7. Starfish Prime


On July 9,1962, America present a nuclear weapon outside the earth’s magnetic field.Although they have already anticipated how far will the explosion go,but the explosion went far than expected.Around 1.4 megatons of TNT were used for this explosion and turned out to disable the street lights in parts of Hawaii and disrupt some of the communication systems.The scary things is that it could have destroyed the current that stabilizes the earth.

8. Live again


A doctor by the name of Robert E.Cornish tried to bring back dead people alive again.What he did was he placedd the see-saw to make the blood moving in them and injected with anti-coagulants and epinephrine.Unfortunately,his experiments failed because none of the dead people came back to life.However, he was able to revive only two dogs but then they were clinically put to death again later.

9. Controlling the Mind


A Spanish professor called Jose Delgado developed a technique for controlling minds.He first invented a “stimoceiver” and planted on animal’s brain then was operated by a remote control which was to stimulate different regions of the animal’s brain.The results were the movements of limbs and involuntary movements of the animal’s body which later produced more drastic results on other animals.

10. Nuclear Test


The nuclear test were usually performed by the United States.The United States conducted around 1,054 nuclear tests including 216 atmospheric,underwater and space tests.The test took place in different locations including Colorado,Misisipi,Alaska,Kribati Islands and Mexico.