Most Expensive Food In The World

Most Expensive Food In The World

There are some simple food that cost unbelievably high but people with a lot of money won’t mind buying these expensive food on earth.Here are the lists of the food you might see everyday but will cost more than you think :

1. Densuke watermelon


Densuke watermelon is a very rare watermelon that grows in the northern part of the island precisely in Hokkaido.If you would like to taste black Densuke watermelon origin of Hokkaido you must spend at least $200-$300 for each watermelon.

2. Omelet Zillion Dollar Lobster


This food is the Zillion Dollar Lobster Omelet. In general, omelet is one type of food that is inexpensive and easy to cook but not the Zillion Dollar Lobster Omelet. This omelet is made by a restaurant called Norma’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York. The price of one plate of Zillion Dollar Lobster Omelet is approximately around $ 1000.

3. Wagyu Steak


Wagyu Steak is a Japanese name for a steak which means “Japanese cow”.It is one kind of processed food steaks that have a very high selling prices because of  the delicious taste. The selling price for one serving of steak can reach $ 2,800.

4. Matsutake mushroom


Matsutake mushrooms or mattake are the rarest and expensive fungus in the world.In Japan,many fungi grow and thrive in the mountain range and in the wood.This expensive fungus is well known in the the Autumn season. The average value for imported matsutake is about $90 per kilogram.

5. Bagel Westin Hotel


The next type of world’s most expensive food is Bagel Westin Hotel. This Bagel is different with other bagels in general. The bagel is created by Executive Chef Frank Tujague who now works at the Westin Hotel New York. The price for this special one bagel can reach $ 1,000.

6. Pizza Royale 007


Are you a fan of Pizza ?If you want to taste this tasty pizza you must spend more than the usual price pizza.The price for a single serving of Pizza Royale 007 can reach around $ 4,200.

7. Yubari Melon king


This kind of melon is also in the ranks of expensive food. Unlike most of the melon, the Yubari melon is originally from Japan that can reach up to $4500.

8. Kaviar Almas


The next world’s most expensive food is Almas caviar. Almas Caviar is the type of caviar which is very rare in Iran. Because of its scarcity, you will have difficulties to find a store that sells it but there is one famous shop in Picadilly London that sells Almas Caviar. For one kilo of Almas caviar that is wrapped in 24 carat gold tin cost around $ 25,000.

9. White truffle mushroom


This expensive fungus is originally from Italy. What makes this mushrooms so expensive is because it is hard to find because of its habitat.To be able to eat this expensive fungi you must spend around $ 160,000.

10. Samundari Khazana


The last most expensive type of food is Samundari Khazana Karidari Bombay Brassiere from India. The world’s most expensive curry creations that can reach a price of USD 3200.