Most Amazing Staircases in the World

Most Amazing Staircases in the World

Stairs are created to ease our way going up and down.Most stairs looks like a piece of art with stunning architecture and some stairs are rustic or natural with an amazing view.Now let’s see some of the staircases with breathtaking views around the world.

1. Girnar Stairs – Gujarat , India

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There are 9999 steps to climb this mountain located in the region of Girnar,Gujarat,India.To reach the Dattatreya Paduka , you need to reach it by passing a total of 9999 steps.

Going up the stairs with rocky trail can be tiring but after reaching the top, you can enjoy the panoramic mountainous view.

2. Universe Cascade – Dumfries, Scotland

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The Universe Cascade in Dumfries,Scotland is located in the Gardens of cosmic Speculation.This beautiful place is a private property so it only opens for public once a year.

Built in the structure of a cascading waterfall,this piece of art with criss-crossing the steep hillside is an important piece of art in the cosmic history.

3. Inca Trail staircase – Cuzco , Peru

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The amazing 1500 stairs carved with granite here leads to the amazing place called Machu Pichu in Peru.You need to pass this Inca trail which is an ancient route from the city Cuzco leading to the Machu Pichu.

The trails are surrounded by mountains and hills which descends from a high point called Phuyupatamarka.

4. El Peñol Stone – Guatapé in Antioquia, Columbia

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The La Piedra Del Peñol is situated in Guatapé in Antioquia, Columbia. It is also known as the  El Peñol Stone.To reach the top , you need to pass 740 steps to view the shore-perimeter.

5. Rue Foyatier stairway – Paris, France

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The Rue Foyatier stairway is situated in Paris,France.This stairs leads to Montmarte which is a famous attraction in Paris.

To reach the top, you have to pass through 300 steps and luckily there is also a railway of funicular that will take you to the top from less than 90 seconds.

After reaching the top, a full view of Paris awaits.

6. Moses Bridge Stairs – Halsteren , Netherland

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This unique bridge called the Moses Bridge Stairs are situated in Netherlands. It looks like a sunken bridge cut into the water of the moat.

The sunken bridge has two dams on each end and an ascent and descent stairs.Walking through the sunken bridge surely reminds the story of Moses.

7. Haʻikū Stairs – Hawaii ,USA

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The Haʻikū Stairs is located in Hawaii,USA, also often called the Stairways to Heaven. The steep hiking trail has a staggering 3922 steps.

The journey begins by climbing across and down the hill and it was once close for public in 1987 but hikers still climb it until today.

8. Awaji Hyakudanen stairs – Awaji Island , Japan

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This amazing complex of Awaji Yumebutai is situated in Awaji Island in Japan.It has a beautiful 100-level garden which is a part of the Awaji Yumebutai hotel and resort.

The garden offers 100 different flower platforms with small stairs and central staircase.The tourist can enjoy the remarkable view of Osaka from the beautiful garden.

**9. Stairs Above The Sea – Gaztelugatxe , Spain **

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This amazing man-made stone staircase in Spain is called The Stairs Above the sea.It is located on the small islet of Gaztelugatxe,Spain which connects to the mainland.It has a total of 231 stairs and it can be accessed by a narrow path and a solid stone bridge.

10. Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains – Linzhou ,China

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The Spiral Staircase at Linzhou,China, is surrounded by mountains facing the Taihang Mountains.

With a height of 300 feet, the amazing staircase makes you go around until you reach the top.