Make Friends With These 4 Type Colleagues

Make Friends With These 4 Type Colleagues

Work hard, think smart. In the work environment, it's good to surround yourself with colleagues from different departments. Here are 4 types of coworkers you need as friends in the office.

1. Human Resource Department

Obviously, someone who works in the Human Resources Department must have access to information about new job opportunities. Are you still keep in touch with people in the HR department after you are accepted for work? People in this department usually have a broad knowledge of what is going on in the company. Do not forget to keep a good relationship with them!

2. Mentor

Have you already established a connection with an influential person in the company? Psst, your friendship with him can help when you want to take over the office, you know - he can give positive feedback about you to the boss. Remember, build a good relationship.

3. Competitors

A professional can see the advantage of turning an enemy into an ally. Instead of trying to knock each other off, try to work together on a project where you can both show your success. Plus, the boss will also see you as a good team player!

4. Gatekeeper

Do not forget the receptionist, the administration staff, or the boss's assistant! They are "corporate gatekeepers" who have access to the leaders. The gatekeepers also often know the affairs of senior management, and they can also give you help and tips when needed. Invite them to have lunch together, or buy coffee and snacks while they're on duty.