The Most Luxurious Restaurants in the Planet

The Most Luxurious Restaurants in the Planet

Luxury is certainly very pleasant. Moreover, the menu that is served is very interesting and appetizing. You will definitely be very interested and curious to feel it. Most of the well-known sell food with the price is very expensive considering the price of each premium food ingredient and the service provided by the waiters.

Restaurants are often the location for meeting places to eat together with family, relatives, or even with lovers. How much are you willing to spend eating good food? If you are looking for a restaurant to dine exclusively in and have no problem with the budget then here are the most luxurious restaurants to try.

Sublimotion (Ibiza)


Only the richest of the rich on this earth can afford to dine in this exclusive restaurant. Sublimotion not only tantalize your taste but also captivate your senses. This exclusive restaurant in Ibiza offers you to enjoy luxurious food, psychology, art, and a fusion of technology.

The restaurant can adjust the temperature to deliver the situation of the micro- environment. So, when you feel like you want to go to Antarctica then the waiter will adjust the ice environment and the freezing temperature.

Restaurant Le Meurice (Paris)


The classy interiors of Le Meurice in Paris start from $524.With that amount of money, you get to feast on three of the restaurant's signature dishes and desserts. You can try their famous Guinea Fowl pie for over a hundred dollars and veal sweetbreads.

However, the bill does not include your service fee and the drinks so you would have to add another hundred dollars so you could leave nicely from the restaurant.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)


For those of you who want to experience submarine dinner, you could dine at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives. You can get a unique dining experience at the bottom of the sea with a scenic view of great sea creatures by paying $320 but you need to add another hundred dollars to add for drinks and service tips.

Restaurant Crissier (Switzerland)


If you are looking for the best chef to cook your meal in Switzerland, you can come to Restaurant Crissier. Chef Benoit Violier, who won the chef of the year in 2013 and recently earned 19/20 from the prestigious Gault Millau French restaurant guide.

With its $415 full-course meal, you can enjoy red fruit soufflé, white catfish Saint-gilles-croix-de-vie with lemongrass, and summer roasted mushrooms.

Gordon Ramsay (London)


The Scottish chef’s restaurant named Gordon Ramsay is also the owner of this popular restaurant. You would have to prepare $355 for your luxurious meal plus the service tip. If you still have a few dollars to spend, there is a bottle of a 1900 Chateau Margaux 1er cru classé for $18,850.

Masa (New York City)


Masa means public in the Filipino language. However, this restaurant is far from being accessible to the public. This exclusive restaurant has a calm ambiance, which is a great thing because you would need to relax your nerve to check your bill after your meal.

You won’t find a menu here but only by spending $350 per person, you get to taste various delicious dishes. You have 3 hours to finish your meal, so it is best to wear something warm and comfortable.

Aragawa (Tokyo)


Forbes rated Aragawa as the world’s most expensive restaurant in 2006. This pricey restaurant only has 22 seats available, which makes it truly exclusive.cThis restaurant offers the best Kobe beef in the world, so make sure not to miss eating it. It costs $341 to have the full-course meal.

Misoguigawa (Japan)


If you want to try out a fancy restaurant that offers French cuisine with a Japanese twist, you can come to Misoguigawa, which used to be a tea house in central Kyoto. If you want to try the best dishes of Misoguigawa make sure to make prior reservations at least five days before you dine.

Must-try recipes are buttered French beans, roasted use pumpkin, and beef fillet with potato soufflés. Choosing an eight menus would cost you around $162 while fancier food will cost $270, inclusive taxes and services.

Le Pre Catelan (Paris)


In the heart of the City of Love, Le Pre Catelan graces the Bois de Boulogne park has the finest French cuisine. The desserts start at $43 and meals start at $85.If you want to enjoy the best of Le Pre Catelan, you can have a seven-course meal at $225 inclusive of taxes and tips. There is a summer bargain for a five-course meal at $199 inclusive of taxes and services.

Beige (Tokyo)


The beige restaurant offers a fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. For only $147 you get to taste the world-class three-course dinner and if you want a four-course dinner, you can add $43 to your bill. You can also get yourself a dessert of Chanel chocolate for another $25 to finish your meal nicely.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester (London)

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, London, one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. This restaurant has a luxurious atmosphere in the style of European nobility. The carvings and the luxury of the furniture make us feel like royalty.

The food served is typical European food, one of which is Black Truffle. Black Truffle is a dish that serves seven menus to each customer. The price is $343.

But you can also buy a cheaper package consisting of an appetizer, main course, and dessert for US$ 136 per person. 

Maison Pic (France)

One of the Maison Pic restaurant spots in France. Located in Drome, France, this restaurant has high-quality dishes. The menu is rarely found in other European restaurants which makes us even more curious to taste it.

There are several tantalizing menus served, squash and candied radish, goat cheese, and the best chocolate dessert that will melt in your mouth. To taste this unforgettable dish you need to spend $442 per person. 

Plaza Athenee (France)

After seeing the menu, maybe you won't dare to imagine it, what can you buy that much money? But the typical European luxury atmosphere stands out in this restaurant even from the first moment you enter.

You will sit at a table under which hangs a lamp of 10,000 sparkling crystals. The food served is not arbitrary, you can enjoy a plate of steamed langoustine with caviar for $260. Langoustine is a type of lobster that lives in Norway.

To enjoy the meal package per person, you need to prepare a fee of $550.

Per Se (New York)

Although it has been priced at fantastic prices starting from $325, in fact, this one restaurant is still always difficult to book.

With the difficulty of ordering and the price that is a bit excessive, you will definitely want to enjoy the culinary luxury of Thomas Keller's signature taste, namely oysters and pearls.

It doesn't stop there, you will be satisfied with 8 other dishes that have completely different ingredients, to minimize your boredom in dining.

Ultraviolet (Shanghai, China)

Ultraviolet, a restaurant in Shanghai, China, offers technological sophistication with a multi-sensory atmosphere consisting of music, videos, fragrances, and simulations.

As if the multi-sensory atmosphere wasn't enough, at $598, you'll also be surprised by the 20 courses that will rotate automatically. 

Kitcho (Kyoto)

It costs approximately US$390 to taste the signature dish of kaiseki, a Japanese dish that is believed to emphasize care in its preparation and presentation.

Chef Kunio Tokuoka delivers elegant dishes using seasonal local ingredients, such as abalone and tofu with sea urchin, which you can enjoy straight on traditional Japanese tatami.

Schloss Schauenstein ( Furstenau, Switzerland)

You can enjoy a meal by looking at the incredible views of the Swiss Alps while still decorated with palace-style decorations. Head chef Andreas Caminada serves 6-course meals of three Michelin star standards with prices starting at US$267. Some of its signature dishes are goose liver with goat cheese and sweet corn to seared trout with tarragon sauce, beets, and pea purée.

Michel Bras Toya ( Lake Toya, Japan )

Beautiful views of the volcanic caldera lake and two-Michelin–star food are offerings worth considering.

You will be confused about choosing to enjoy the view or the fantastic dishes that are sure to make your tongue sway. This US$244 dish features new, natural flavors.