Living Robotic Implants Humans in real life

Living Robotic Implants Humans in real life

Have you ever watched a movie called “Terminator”? If you already watched it you must know what Cyborgs really are. But if you don’t know what is Cyborg, Cyborg is a person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

So now the question is, is that real? or isn’t it just something that we can only see in the movies? Well, the answer is, YES, they are real and bionic humans are no longer the stuff of science fiction. They’re here now in the middle of us.

Apparently the technologies are growing really fast lately, starting from every device who starts with the word “Smart” such as Smartphone, SmartTV, Smartcar, Smartcity, and a lot of other smart devices and technologies. Technologies start to make the line between reality and science-fiction has become blurred.

Some Tech experts said, “The development of wearable devices will start a new era of technology”. And if you think Google Glass, Galaxy Gear, and iWatch from Apple Technology has started the Cyborg Technology. Well, you will know the answer, because these Robotic Implants Humans already invented way before Google Glass has invented.

Jerry Jalava


Jerry Jalava is the perfect example of how you don’t need to be a robotics mastermind to become a cyborg. After losing a finger in a motorcycle accident, Jalava decided to embed 2 GB USB Port to his finger. And the good news is, every time he needed a flash disk, he will never forget about it. The only thing he needs to do is to put his finger on the USB port of the computer. It doesn’t upload information directly into his nervous system (ala “The Matrix”), but it’s at least more useful than a USB keychain.

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Rob Spence


Rob Spence called himself an “eyeborg”. He lost his left eye because he got an accident while shooting a gun not in the right way. Most of the wearable devices recently involving glasses just like Google Glass. But Spence has another idea and choosing to not using mainstream wearable devices like Glasses from google. He prefers to put a camera powered by Li-ion Battery inside to replace his eye. On the bright side, he can watch any other videos which are recorded from the camera on his eye. And at this moment Spence keeps trying to developing his “eye” to be more efficient.

Kevin Warwick


“Captain Cyborg” it sounds really cool, isn’t it? Yap, this title has given to a professor from of cybernetics at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. Using himself as the guinea pig, he’s on a mission to become the world’s most complete cyborg. But a lot of people think he is just creating useless Robotic Implants Humans because most of the technologies he was invented have become a controversy. And even, people think everything that he created is just a joke. Warwick has been experimenting with various electronic implants since 1998 when he “installed” a microchip in his arm that allowed him to operate doors, lights, heaters and other computers remotely as he moved from room to room.

Amal Graafstra


Meet the next Cyborg it is Amal Graafstra.
Graafstra is the owner of a company called “Dangerous Thing”.
Graafstra himself put RFID chips in his arms that allow him able to open the door, open the car and sign in into the computer, all of it thanks to a quick scan produced by RFID chips in his hands.
He uses and put a device into some organs of his body and aims to make the sense or function of every organ can still work in normal levels after most of the cyborg in this world got malfunctioning on his senses after putting some devices to their body.
For the latter, it was rather difficult to explain anyway, because he is never shown to anyone the tool inside of his body directly.