Let's Explore Gardner's multiple intelligences

Let's Explore Gardner's multiple intelligences

A research expert, Prof. Howard Gardener developed a model of intelligence “multiple intelligences” Which means a variety of intelligence. That is, everyone has a variety of intelligence, but with different levels of development. The intent of Gardener’s intelligence is a set of capabilities or skills that can be developed or grow. Let’s Explore Gardner’s multiple intelligences.

According to Howard Gardener in every human being, there are 8 kinds of intelligence, namely:


Linguistic intelligence is one of the multiple intelligences the ability to use words effectively, both orally and in writing.

Characteristic features:

  1. You love to play with words. You enjoy poetry. You like listening to stories.
  2. You read anything; Books, magazines, newspapers, and even product labels.
  3. You feel easy and confident expressing yourself both orally and in writing. For example, you are smart in communicating and smart in telling or writing about something.
  4. You love to spice up your conversations with interesting things you just read or heard.
  5. You love doing crosswords, playing scrabble, or playing puzzles. You can spell very well.


Mathematical logical intelligence is a person’s ability to solve problems. He is able to think and construct solutions (outlet) in a logical sequence (sensible).

Characteristic features:

  1. You enjoy working with numbers and can do mental calculations (lookup).
  2. You are interested in technological advances and are fond of experimenting to see how things work.
  3. You feel easy to do financial planning. You set targets in the form of numbers in your business and life.
  4. You enjoy setting up a detailed itinerary. You often prepare, number, and assign a to-do list.
  5. You are happy with games, puzzles, or something that requires logical and statistical thinking skills such as a game of checkers or chess.


Visual and spatial intelligence is the ability of multiple intelligences to see and observe the visual and spatial world accurately (meticulously).

Characteristic features:

  1. You love art, enjoy painting and sculpture. You have a good sense of color.
  2. You tend to like the visual recording by using a camera or camcorder.
  3. You can write quickly when you take notes or think about something. You can draw pretty well.
  4. You feel easy to read maps or navigate, you have the ability to understand good direction.
  5. You enjoy a game like a puzzle.


Musical intelligence is the ability to enjoy, observe, differentiate, fabricate, shape and express musical forms. This intelligence includes sensitivity to the rhythm, melody, and timbre of the music being heard.

Characteristic features:

  1. You can play a musical instrument.
  2. You can sing according to the height of the key tone.
  3. You can usually remember a rhythm by just listening to a few times.
  4. You often listen to music. You even occasionally attend music concerts. You like – even need – to listen to songs while you work.
  5. You follow the rhythm of the music well and unconsciously tapping your finger to the rhythm of the song.


Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to observe and understand the intentions, motivations, and feelings of others.

Characteristic features:

  1. You enjoy working with others in a group or committee.
  2. You prefer group learning rather than self-study.
  3. People often come to you for advice.
  4. You are a person of sympathy.
  5. You prefer sports teams such as basketball, softball, soccer to individuals like swimming and running.


Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to deal with awareness and knowledge of oneself. Can understand the strengths and weaknesses themselves. Able to motivate himself and do self-discipline.

Characteristic features:

  1. You have a diary to record your very deep and personal thoughts.
  2. You are alone to think about and solve the problem itself.
  3. You set your goals.
  4. You are an independent thinker (independent). You know your thoughts and you decide your own decisions.
  5. You have a hobby or pleasure that is personal that you do not share much or reveal to others.


Kinesthetic multiple intelligences is the ability to use our bodies skillfully to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Characteristic features:

  1. You love to exercise or do physical activities.
  2. You are good at doing something alone.
  3. You love to think about issues while active in physical activities such as walking or running.
  4. You do not mind if asked to dance.
  5. Every time you go to the entertainment center or game, you are happy with a game that is very challenging and horrible ?? Physically like a jet coaster.


Naturalist multiple intelligences is the ability to recognize, differentiate, express, and categorize what is encountered in nature and the environment.

Characteristic features:

  1. You love to keep or love animals.
  2. You can recognize and distinguish the names of different types of trees, flowers, and plants.
  3. You are interested and have enough knowledge about how the body works – where the organ is important – and you understand health.
  4. You know the path or path, bird’s nest, and other wildlife when you walk in nature and you can read the weather.
  5. You can imagine yourself as a farmer or maybe you like fishing.

Of the eight bits of intelligence (intelligence), which one is the superiority of yours and which has not been used optimally?

Knowing that we have advantages or disadvantages in certain intelligence, we will be able to improve ourselves and improve our abilities. Therefore, Which one or some of them are yours?