The Smartest Strategy for Your Next Job Interview

The Smartest Strategy for Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews are mostly terrifying and the adrenaline in your body may have your pulse pounding and head spinning. There is nothing we can do and we must go through the terrifying stage to get the job. Here are some smart tips to get your next job interview.

First, pre-interview preparation:

Don’t lose sleep


The night before an interview is just the same as the night before a flight or an exam. You might be thinking about the worst, your mind keeps on running and your heart beats so fast. You need to relax and let your mind sleep with your body. Sleep is very important for the body, so make sure to go to bed at an early time and have at least 8 hours of sleep.

Wake up Confident


After all, you finally fell asleep and wake up. Try to give yourself a small interview practice in front of a mirror and remind yourself of all the great qualities you have.

Put on your best outfit


Make sure to pick out clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. Studies show that if you dress to impress someone, it can elevate your confidence. So put on your best outfit and get the job!

Be on time


You need to be on time for the interview because it shows that you are reliable. So make sure to set your alarm on time and have all things ready for the next day so you won’t be in a hurry. It is better to be early than late to show you eager and ready for the job.


Now the interview in quick steps:

The first meeting for a job interview is very crucial. The way you present yourself and how you come into the room makes a big impression on the interviewer, so make sure to follow these steps to give a perfect impression :



You need to make sure that when you first walk into the room, you walk in with straight posture and put a smile on your face. Having a nice posture enhances your confidence.



Putting on a smile gives a huge indication that you are interested, confident, and friendly. Science says that smiling is a way to calm your nerves because smiling increases dopamine levels and makes you feel confident.

Shake and introduce


Reaching out your hand and firmly shaking the interviewer's hand while introducing yourself loudly and clearly shows you are taking action first. You are showing confidence and allowing yourself to open up the conversation with a kind, professional gesture, instead of holding back and waiting for the interviewer to introduce themselves first.

Eye contact is everything


It is very important to make as much eye contact as you can. Having good eye contact shows confidence, attentiveness, and respect. Eye contact also shows trust. They say if someone is looking around and making little eye contact they are not being true to themselves as well as possibly not being honest.

Don’t slouch


It is important to sit upright and not slouch. Please don’t have your legs open or have your arms crossed, these are two signs you are not being professional nor are you taking the interview seriously. The more proper you are as a ladies and gentlemen, the more professional you will look to the interviewer.

Prepare questions


It is extremely important to come to the interview with several written questions. You can Google some “interview questions” in case you are stuck, bring at least one interview question, it counts as interviewers find this preparation piece very authentic. It shows you put time into preparing for your interview.

Do your research


It is important that you research the company, the position you are applying for, and the interviewer. You have plenty of time to do a little research and write down some bullet points to keep as a reference in case you become nervous. It helps to know a little information about the interviewer too because it will allow them to share their experiences as well. As humans, we enjoy talking about ourselves, so spice up your interview a bit by directing attention to the interviewer.

Make a proper exit


Make sure once the interview has ended that you properly thank the interviewer, shake their hand firmly, smile, and exit with confidence.

A little side notes: always be yourself and don’t be superficial. As humans, we can smell out a superficial person. The interviewer will see right through you if you are fake. Just be true to yourself, be honest, and take the time to make a good impression. Good luck!