Japan Makes The Train Still Operating Only For One Student

Japan Makes The Train Still Operating Only For One Student

A true story from Japan. For a few years, there is only one passenger who is faithfully waiting at the train station called Kami-Shirataki Hokaida in the northern island of Japan. The only passengers of the station is a high school student who had to catch the train to school. The train only stopped twice a day, the train will pick up and bring her home after coming back from school. The Japanese company “Japan Railways” (JR) who operates trains to the hinterland up to the area where the student resides more than three years of operation.


As the time pass by, Kami-Shiratagi station will be eliminated due to isolated areas and not a lot of passengers. JR companies preparing to close the station until there is a notice that there is a student who use the services of the train to go to school. Finally, the company JR decided to postpone the closure of the station until the students graduate high school.

On the commitment and responsibility of the JR companies, they set up a schedule train of departures and arrivals with the “adjusted” schedule of the student. the student who do not want to mention his name hoping to be graduated in March 2016, which eventually station-Shiratagi will officially closed.

The response from the deepest depths of our heart is:
The Japanese must be really proud of their government to put the field of education as a top priority. This is means that governance of Japan reaching through every elements of society, where every citizen is very important and no one are or will left behind.