Irregular Menstruation? Don't be panic, Do These 5 Tips!

Irregular Menstruation? Don't be panic, Do These 5 Tips!

Menstruation is a normal thing experienced by girls which happens every month. The normal cycle will occur every 21 to 35 days with an average of every 28 days. But there are also girls who experience irregular menstruation.

Irregular menstruation, in general, happens due to estrogen and progesterone levels that are not balanced. In addition, there are several other factors such as unhealthy lifestyles, physical or psychological fatigue due to busyness or stress, which can also be due to strict and excessive diet.

it can also be bad for your fertility but don’t be panic, follow these tips to have your menstruation cycle back smoothly!

1.Overcome fatigue and stress with enough sleep so that hormones can be balanced


Hormone cortisol will increase when the body is stressed out which can affect the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body. This causes changes in the menstrual cycle that. By doing enough rest and sport, the hormones in the body will remain in balance.

2. Light exercise proved to maintain health and overcome the irregular menstrual cycle


Light exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming, or yoga before and during menstruation will facilitate the flow of blood and maintain the cycle. Lightweight cardio exercise three times a week is also recommended for girls with irregular menstruation. Other sports such as yoga are also very helpful to overcome the chaotic menstrual cycle. This yoga therapy also helps reduce fibroids and cysts. Avoid excessive exercise that will actually cause the body to experience fatigue and result in menstruation that is not smooth.

3. Expand the consumption of menstrual menstrual foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids are good for uterine health


Unsuccessful menstruation is also caused by a lack of nutritional intake and vitamins needed by the body. In addition, because the diet is too hard. Here are recommended foods to launch menstruation.

4. Consumption of traditional herbal medicine that has efficacy to facilitate menstruation. 


Turmeric has been known to have efficacy as an antiseptic and natural antibacterial since ancient times. Consumption of turmeric during menstruation can also facilitate menstruation.

5. Try to stay calm and free yourself from stress to make the menstrual cycle run regularly


No matter how busy your activity is, give positive energy to you to stay calm and not stressed. Do not demolish yourself, rest your mind whenever you feel overloaded. Being free of anxiety, depression, and tension will support a regular menstrual cycle. Embed this habit from now on, huh!

Well, try to do the above tips to overcome irregular menstrual cycles. If after doing so, your menstrual cycle is still disheveled, immediately consult a doctor.