8 Interesting Facts About Dreams

8 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Dreams are closely related to sleep. Maybe some of us feel like we dream every night or we almost never dream. maybe those who feel almost never dream, it could be because they just forgot. We will discuss 8 facts about dreams, one of which is about the contents of dreams that we often forget.

We Forget 90% of All Dreams


Have you ever had a sweet dream, at the peak of your dream, you woke up? Once? when we wake up, we try hard to remember all the contents of the dream, but only a small part of it is remembered. Nevertheless, the essence of the dream and its beauty are still felt. Right? if you often forget the contents of dreams while sleeping. Relax, you are not alone. In fact, Within 5 minutes of waking up, we have forgotten half of our dreams. And within 10 minutes, 90% of our dreams have been forgotten. In addition, we usually experience various kinds of dreams every night. It's just that, as mentioned earlier, most of the memories of our dreams are lost some time after we wake up.

Some People Dream Black and White


do you realize the color of your dream or not? Color or black and white? It turns out that the entertainment media and the age factor influence the color of dreams. Research conducted from 1915 to the 1950s stated that most dreams are black and white. However, this fact began to change in the 1960s. Currently, only 4.4% of the dreams of a 25-year-old person contain black and white objects. Research suggests that this may have something to do with TV, which in the past only displayed colorless entertainment, aka black and white. Meanwhile, as the times progressed, technology developed rapidly. Now, human life is very close to colorful entertainment media. Therefore, one's dreams are more colorful too. In addition, as previously mentioned, the age factor also has an influence. A person with a 25-year-old age group almost never experiences black and white dreams. Meanwhile, someone with a 55-year-old age group experiences black and white dreams at least one out of four dreams. This may still be related to the black and white entertainment media watched by the old when they were young. While people with a vulnerable age of 25 years have watched color television since childhood.

Blind People Dream Too


Have you ever been curious? Can people who can't see also dream, considering they can't visually see everyday events? In fact, the contents of our dreams are a series of events that are almost similar to what we experience on a daily basis. So can blind people dream too? For people who are blind after birth or are not blind from birth, for example, at this age they are blind due to an accident or an illness, they can have dreams like us, aka there are objects that can be seen. However, what about those born blind alias blind from birth? Because they have not had time to see objects around them since birth, so, their dreams only involve senses other than the sense of sight, such as hearing a sound, smelling a smell, touching something, and feeling an emotion.

Animals Dream Too


Apart from humans, animals also have dreams. In a study conducted on several different types of animals, all of the results stated that the animals studied showed the same brain waves as humans when experiencing dreams in their sleep. Have you ever watched a cat or dog fall asleep? Sometimes their tails and bodies move and some even make a sound. It is proven that not only humans. For those who have dreams, some animals also experience the same thing when sleeping.

Dream Incorporation


Have you ever dreamed that you were in the market with the typical voices of mothers chatting? When we wake up, we know the voice of our mother who is chatting with the neighbors and that voice enters our dreams. Or, dreaming of listening to the teacher's explanation at school, when in fact our sister is watching a tutorial on youtube and sitting near us. This can be called dream incorporation aka a combination of dreams and reality. Turns out, everything has an explanation. So, when this happens, our mind is interpreting what our sense of hearing is hearing while asleep. As a result, the voice enters and joins our dreams. It means, in dreams, sometimes we hear real voices coming from near us.

You can learn in Dream


The next fact is, it turns out that we can learn in dreams. So, when we dream, our brain is very busy honing learning and problem-solving skills. Even though the body is asleep, our mind is more active than when we are awake. During dreaming, our mind is learning, solving a problem, and also archiving and understanding all the information that the brain absorbs while we are awake.

The Contents of the Dreams of Men and Women Have Differences


Dreams of men and women have differences. About 70% of the characters in men's dreams are also men. Meanwhile, the characters in women's dreams can be said to be equal between men and women.

In our dreams, we only see people we've met



We must have dreamed of meeting someone we don't know. We keep thinking that someone in our dreams is our soul mate who will soon come to our house. So, our brain can't create new faces. In our dreams, we see someone we have actually met but maybe we just forgot we ever met that person. However, our brains already archive the faces we have encountered in life. As long as we live, we have seen the faces of humans in great numbers. So, our brain will not run out of supplies to bring up the figure of someone's face in our dreams. It could be, in a dream, we see someone whose face is a combination of several people we have met.