Beaches In Indonesia With White Sand And Crystal Clear Water

Beaches In Indonesia With White Sand And Crystal Clear Water

If you want to make some new memories, consider some of the following options for your next tropical adventure!

1. Ora beach, Maluku, Indonesia
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The beauty of Ora Beach located in Seram Island is popular with its floating resort. t often called the Maldives of Indonesia. This place is perfect for you to come with your partner.

2. Bawah Island, Riau, Indonesia
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Bawah Island is located in Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province is indeed like a hidden paradise that is not much known to people. Going on a vacation there is like living on a private island, exclusive and feels special. Heading to this island need a lot of effort, but the cost to Bawah Island is much cheaper than Maldives.

3. Love Island, Gorontalo, Indonesia

Love Island is an artificial island with an amazing resort in the middle of the water. The connecting bridge is a symbol of love and connects to the villa floating on the water. For those of you who want to feel the sensation of staying in a floating villa in the middle of the sea, try to go to this Love Island, Gorontalo, Indonesia.

4. Sombori Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia
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Sombori Island is located in the province of Central Sulawesi. The beach is a clear blue tosca with beautiful towering coral hills. If you go there don't forget to come to grandma's house, a wooden house on the beach that is very tremendous.

5. Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
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Raja Ampat can be regarded as a paradise under the sea. Colorful coral reefs, variegated fish to fantastic beaches make this destination must be visited at least once in a lifetime. At Misool Eco this resort is far more beautiful than the Maldives.

6.Ngurtafur Beach, Kei Islands,Maluku, Indonesia.
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Ngurtafur beach has a very long emerging sand, approximately 2 km. There you can find dozens of pelicans, watch leatherback turtles and run along white and very soft beaches.

So, Indonesia is actually not less equal to Maldives and the cost is much cheaper. Well, if you don't have a lot of money to stay in the Maldives, you better try to come to the 6 paradise in Indonesia.