Important! 6 Tips to Save Yourself from an Airplane Crash

Important! 6 Tips to Save Yourself from an Airplane Crash

No one can guarantee the aircraft to be boarded safe until the destination, although all the preparations have been undertaken according to the procedure.

However, knowing these 6 things can save your life while trapped in a plane crash. What are they? Check out these tips below.

1. Plus Three, Minus Eight

According to David Palmerton, US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expert, in a plane crash, this is the 11th most important moment to watch out for when an airplane is flying. Three minutes during takeoff and last 8 minutes before landing, where 80 percent of accidents occur during those moments, usually due to weather.

2. Prepare the Luggage

Most people lost their lives in plane crashes because they tried to carry their luggage. In the event of an accident, remember the most important thing to save yourself first. Or it should be prepared from the beginning, put important items such as cell phones and wallets in your pocket. So easily saved.

3. Have 90 Seconds Time to Get Out

The cabin can reach very hot temperatures. Especially if burned in the event of an accident. Therefore, you should hurry out (within 90 seconds), following the direction of the officer to find the emergency exit.

4. Have a Plan of Action

You should prepare your own strategy to master yourself from panic and find a way out when in a plane crash situation. This can also be applied in other circumstances, such as during natural disasters or terror attacks on planes.

5. Avoid Stocking, Heels, and Food Extras

Nylon-like fabrics (stockings) have a low melting point, easily enter the skin in case of fire after an accident. High heels are also not good for running so avoid them in flight. In addition, according to plane crash statistics, those with slender bodies fared better because they were able to move faster during an accident. Therefore, begin to reduce your extreme snack yes!

6. Keep Your Court Belt and Hold Yourself

Keeping your seat belts firm will not only save your life but also protect you from severe turbulence injuries. Make sure you read the safety pamphlet on the plane and the seat belt is securely attached. Learn also the right position during an accident, this will reduce the possibility of you experiencing trauma to the head.