How Will It Be If There Were No More Trees On Earth

How Will It Be If There Were No More Trees On Earth

Have you ever watched the movie The Lorax? This animation movie tells the story of a city that is not planted even plant anything. As a result, all the plants that existed there is only a plastic tree. Although this movie is only a fictional story, the movie can provide a picture of the trees on earth. What would happen if the earth just lays in the land full of buildings and oceans alone? and at this time I will discuss a little about the earth without TREE.

No more papers


Talk about the facts of the earth without trees already sounds terrible. However, this is a need to be discussed since the rampant cutting of trees getting more and more terrible in order to meet human needs, instead there is some people burn the forest just for the sake of a handful of groups. Let us discuss the effects of the depletion of the number of trees in the simplest view. Paper is one of the primary parts in supporting student learning activities. As we know, the paper is made from wood or a tree. Imagine if the trees thinned, this causes the amount of paper production will decrease. Then what is the impact on the students? All the activities noted in the book, taking a test in the sheet, or create tasks in hardcopy will be just history. By doing so, the cost of education can be cheaper. However, only is that the only thing that will happen if the trees disappeared from the face of the earth? Here are some things we need to think about if the trees on earth no longer exist.

No more animals


When it rains, the roots of the tree serves to absorb water. Approximately 60-80 percent of water can be absorbed by forests. From there we have backup water. Trees also prevent erosion and maintain soil fertility. However, if forests continue to be cleared without replanting, then there go reservoirs. In the dry season, drought will hit and in the rainy season, flooding will be booming. Plus, the fact of the earth without trees means is unfortunate for animals. Most of the animals live in the forest. If the forest cleared, the trees cut down, then gradually lose the natural habitat they will not survive with the state of new habitat, they will be endangered. Not only species of fauna will be threatened, but also the flora. With the decreasing number of trees, flora diversity would be lost. Destruction of habitat slowly threatening the survival of animals and plants, will damage the food chain system that already exists.

No more human civilization


Aside from being a habitat for hundreds of species of animals, trees have a very vital role for survival. His ability to photosynthesize could produce oxygen. With the plants, we can breathe freely without charge. If we have to face the fact of the earth without trees, the source of oxygen production will be lost. In contrast, the amount of carbon dioxide will increase. Of course, this will be catastrophic. Humans can not breathe oxygen freely, it is possible that we have to use an oxygen tank. The problem is if you use the tool, how long will the oxygen reserves available? Then what about the fate of the animals, which can not use oxygen cylinders like us?

The end of the world


The decreasing number of trees leads to increased carbon dioxide. As a result, sea-level rise will occur, the fish can not breed well and coral reefs will be destroyed. The impact of environmental damage can disrupt natural systems work. Destroyed plants, animals will become extinct and human livelihood systems going awry. Moreover, hunger and tropical diseases will ambush. The fact of the trees on earth could soon happen if we continue to conduct illegal logging and burning of forests