How To Use And Remove Contact Lens For Beginners

How To Use And Remove Contact Lens For Beginners

The function of contact lenses is to aid poor vision. However, contact lens are now widely used as a fashion trend. Many women wear it to make the eyes more beautiful and attractive.

Unfortunately, a lot of us don't understand how to use the softlens so the eyes could get irritated. If you want to use contact lenses, then you should know the right way.

The use of wrong contact lens can be harmful to the eyes, can even be blind too. Here is the way to use and remove contact lens for starters.No need to fear or worry of your eyes being irritated and sore when using contact lens. The steps are not as difficult as you imagine. Well, here's how:

How to use contact lens :

1.First, your hands should be clean of any impurities including powders, lotions, and others. Wash with antiseptic soap and running water.
2.Next step, dry your hands with a clean towel. Do not touch the softlens with dirty hands.
3.Soak the contact lenses in a special liquid softlens, take and clean with a special cleaning fluid. Clean both sides carefully, so that the lens does not scratch.
4.Take the contact lens with your right index finger, attach it to the left eye. Do the opposite on the right eye. Lift up the eyelid, while installing it. Open your eyelids, as if looking up.
5.Place softlens slowly, quietly, and slowly. Gently shake the softlens using your index finger, so that the position is right and comfortable.
6.Blink your eyes at least five times, so the contact lens position really occupies the eyeball properly.

how to remove contact lens :

Consider carefully the correct way of removing the following softlens:

  1. Before touching the contact lens, use an antiseptic soap and then dry with a towel.
  2. Face the mirror, to make it easier to know the position of contact lenses.
  3. Use lubricant, the liquid lens of the eye. Apply to eyes, if feels dry.
  4. Pull the eyelid up and down using the left forefinger and middle finger.
  5. Take softlens using your right thumb and forefinger. Do it gently and carefully.
  6. Place the contact lens successfully removed from the eye, into the storage box.

Important notes for keeping your eyes healthy

  1. Keep your eye moist while using softlens. Do not wear during sleep, because dry eyes can cause irritation.
  2. Do not use defective contact lenses. Immediately replace with new softlens.
  3. To prevent eye irritation and irritation, use special eye drops softlens.
  4. Remove the softlens while bathing or swimming. Germs can get stuck in your eyeballs, if you stick with the lens while swimming. Better to be released, than risk of infection and blindness.
  5. Choose quality softlens, do not buy based on the cheap price. Read reviews from buyers who are already using it.
  6. Avoid using softlens for more than eight hours, to prevent bacterial development. Replace contact lenses that are outdated, usually 6 to 12 months.
  7. Wear regular glasses, as an eye protection when you are in a dusty place. It would be better, if you avoid dusty places.
  8. Consult with an ophthalmologist. Some people are allergic to softlens. So it will prevent eye damage.

Contact lenses may be very helpful for people because it is more practical than wearing glasses. However, you should be wise in determining when to wear it and when to remove it.