How to Think and Live Like a Millionaire: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

How to Think and Live Like a Millionaire: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

In this modern era, money is a top priority, but there are only a few who can manage their finances properly. Many people can't save money and spend their money by buying goods that are not needed.

We must be smart to manage and save our money because of the increasing price of food in the market and the number of basic needs that we must meet. That's why we have to be wiser on spending cash.

1. Make a list of needs.

It turns out the world's billionaires are always making a list of needs so that monthly expenditures can be monitored and controlled. You can also imitate the world-saving ways of the world's billionaire so that your monthly expenses can be monitored and by making a list of needs, you can create a budget for your basic needs per month, so you can use your money wisely. In order to save money and be wiser in using it, I advise and recommend making a list of needs.

2. Setting up a monthly budget.

To save your money, you have to prepare a monthly budget to fulfill your requirement list. That way you can use your money wisely. Not only that, by creating a budget for a list of needs, you can also control your monthly expenses. And set up a budget for your list of needs, you can not only control your monthly expenses, but you can also predict and target the rest of your money beyond the list of your needs for other things like stacked and so on.

3. Spend less than you make.

Spend less than you make. That is finance number 1, but it’s what average people never do. The most basic financial rules you should start following at an early age are:

No credits.
No loans.
Spend less than you make.
Cut most of your expenses.
Save money.
Usually, people buy goods that are not needed, they buy it because they just want to look cool. For those of you who want to save and use your money wisely avoid the purchase of goods that you do not need, buy the goods you really need.

Example of the world's billionaire founder of Facebook, he bought goods as needed and not for style. When we see the founder of Facebook is usually called Mark Zuckerberg, always look simple and despite having an abundant wealth of US $ 48.4 billion, Mark always chooses a simple outfit of jeans and shirts only.

4. Always bring lunch from home.

If we bring lunch from home, it is more practical so when it's lunchtime you don't have to go out for lunch. And by bringing lunch from home also you can cook your own favorite food and certainly more efficient about 10% of your monthly expenses.

Even the world's billionaires also often and prefer to bring their own lunch from home. For example, the founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, even though he has an abundance of about US $ 42.5 billion, he prefers to bring his own lunch. In fact, not infrequently, he was seen eating his lunch at his company cafeteria.

5. Oriented to the future.

Most people who save their money do not know what they are saving, you must have a purpose for what you are saving. You must be oriented toward the future and must be able to adapt to the circumstances. You may target your remaining money to create and build a business or for investment and so on. Oriented to the future is very important and it becomes the main foundation and the reason for what we save.