How To Study With a Full-time Job

How To Study With a Full-time Job

Being an employee as well as a student is certainly not an easy thing. You should not abandon the intention to go to college again. By following the tips from Mindblowings, be sure you will go through the "work while studying" phase without a hitch.

Notify your boss and the Human Resources Department

The first thing you have to do is tell your boss and the office about your decision to go to college again. Let's say everything is transparent so that the office will understand if you suddenly have permission to take care of a college's needs such as examinations. Honestly, you also do not need to skip or bother looking for an excuse for the boss.

Set Lecture Schedule


Choose a college with an employee class that can adapt to work schedules, such as night classes or you take classes after work or Saturday and Sunday. If there is a conflicting schedule between college and work, be sure to communicate with the parties. Do not let your college schedule collide with working hours.

Time Management


When you decide to go to college while working, make sure you can make the most of your time. Running both simultaneously is not an easy thing, but it helps if you can manage the time. Try also to be able to complete the work on time in the office, and use free time to do the task - the task of college.

Keep your grades up

While working, you should make sure that your college grades are not a problem. Always come in college hours, finish tasks on time, and so forth. If your college grades are bad then travel time may be longer. This will certainly give you a loss.

Keep performance at work


Not only your grades should be excellent, but performance in the office also should not be a problem. Maintain performance in the office is an obligation when you do work and college activities simultaneously. Because your boss will question your decision to go to college again when all the projects you are work on.