How to properly clean your vagina clean

How to properly clean your vagina clean

The vagina is one of the organs that must be considered clean. Because, this intimate area of ​​women, including the sensitive and needs special treatment. If not, you could have health problems. Cleaning the vagina can be done every day. Doing so is not complicated, it doesn't even need certain equipment or methods. You just try some new habits that are easy and can be applied routinely.

First, make sure to wash your hands before and after cleaning the vaginal area and when changing pantyliners or pads. For those who are accustomed to using pantyliner, you should replace it every three to four hours. In addition to the clean the vagina, do not miss the vulva, including the labia majora, labia minora, and the tip of the clitoris. The vulva can be cleaned the same way as the vagina, but with more care.

Why is maintaining vaginal cleanliness important? This is because there are many bacteria in it.

The vagina contains more bacteria than anywhere else in the body after the intestine. However, these bacteria help maintain vaginal pH balance - the level of vaginal acidity - to reduce the risk of infection and inflammation. These good bacteria can also produce bacteriocins (natural antibiotics) to reduce or kill other bacteria that enter the vagina.

Besides cleaning, another important thing is not to let pubic hair grow long because it can make sex organs moister. If you exercise regularly, don't forget to take a shower or at least change clothes after you finish training.

When choosing products such as cleansing soap, detergent, sanitary pads, pantyliners do not contain fragrance because it can irritate the vagina. Maintaining vaginal hygiene can also reduce the risk of health problems such as itching, irritation, pain such as burning during urination, swelling in the groin area, abnormal bleeding, and vaginal odor and secrete white, green, yellow, or foamy fluid.

What should be used to clean the vagina? You only need water. However, if the water in your residence or if you are going to a place with less clean water, can use a cleanser that contains antiseptics. This can also be done during menstruation.

During menstruation, change pads or tampons regularly. At least every four hours. There are a variety of vaginal cleaning products on the market. For example, soap that makes sex organs more fragrant or douching, using a spray to clean the vagina. However, this method risks disrupting normal vaginal bacteria.

Most soap and vaginal cleansers contain some kind of synthetic chemicals. It does not mean bad for the body, but some people experience allergic reactions to these chemicals. If needed, you can choose natural cleansers without synthetic chemicals. When cleaning the vagina with water, do it from front to back then dry with a towel or tissue. Then, wear underwear that absorbs sweat. You can also regularly change your underpants if they are already wet or damp.

You may gently rub the vagina when you rinse it with water. However, do it slowly because if it is too hard it can cause pain, irritation, red skin, and itching. If the skin around the vagina is chafed, you can also use petroleum jelly to keep it clean and moist. Although it is important, do not clean the vagina too often. You can get rid of good bacteria that make your vagina healthy, without giving enough time to replenish and rebalance.

The smelly area of femininity is a classic problem for many women. But surely you do not want to experience it, right? In addition to cleaning it regularly with clean water, a few tips below can make your Miss Cheerful more clean and healthy. Check it out!

Reduce sugar

According to dr. Kencana Shinta Moser, SpOG, reducing sugar-containing foods can keep the flora balance in the Miss Cheerful area and free you from bad smells. This habit can even prevent vaginal discharge, you know.

Consumption of yogurt

For yogurt lovers, be happy! Because if you regularly consume it can give a fragrant effect in the area of Miss Cheerful, you know. But keep in mind to choose a low sugar content if you do not want your diet agenda destroyed!

Avoid Miss cheerful deodorizer

If you frequently use an antiseptic soap with alcohol and deodorant content to get a fragrant Miss Cheerful, you should leave this habit right now! Too often washing Miss Cheerful with chemical liquids (douching) can damage the existing balance to allow the occurrence of infection. The use of these products can also obscure your sense of smell because they can not know the normal smell of Miss Cheerful.

Do not slob

If it is not coming months, replace your underwear at least twice a day or if it feels moist. If you are menstruating, replace the pads at least four times a day and choose a soft pad and do not contain materials that make the skin around your feminine allergies, such as perfume or gel.

Baby wipes, please

Always carry wet baby tissue in your bag and provide it in the bathroom. Use this tissue instead of toilet paper because it is softer and less touched by others who have the possibility of carrying bacteria.

Drink cranberry juice

Urine that is not cleaned thoroughly when you urinate can also cause an unpleasant smell around Miss Cheerful. Cranberry juice can naturally fight the bad bacteria that exist in the urinary tract system. Drink one glass of cranberry juice daily and see the results!