How To Keep Your Vagina Clean & Fragrant

How To Keep Your Vagina Clean & Fragrant

The smelly area of femininity is a classic problem for many women. But surely you do not want to experience it, right? In addition to cleaning it regularly with clean water, a few tips below can make your Miss Cheerfu become more clean and healthy. Check it out!

1. Reduce sugar.

According to dr. Kencana Shinta Moser, SpOG, reducing sugar-containing foods can keep the flora balance in the Miss Cheerful area and free you from bad smells. This habit can even prevent vaginal discharge, you know.

2. Consumption of yoghurt.

For yoghurt lovers, be happy! Because if you regularly consume it can give a fragrant effect in the area of Miss Cheerful, you know. But keep in mind to choose a low sugar content if you do not want your diet agenda destroyed!

3. Avoid Miss cheerful deodorizer.

If you frequently use an antiseptic soap with alcohol and deodorant content to get a fragrant Miss Cheerful, you should leave this habit right now! Too often washing Miss Cheerful with chemical liquids (douching) can damage the existing balance to allow the occurrence of infection. The use of these products can also obscure your sense of smell because it can not know the normal smell of Miss Cheerful.

4. Do not slob.

If it is not coming months, replace your underwear at least twice a day or if it feels moist. If you are menstruating, replace the pads at least four times a day and choose a soft pad and do not contain materials that make the skin around your feminine allergies, such as perfume or gel.

5. Baby wipes, please.

Always carry wet baby tissue in your bag and provide in the bathroom. Use this tissue instead of toilet paper because it is softer and less touched by others who have the possibility of carrying bacteria.

6. Drink cranberry juice.

Urine that is not cleaned thoroughly when you urinate can also cause unpleasant smell around Miss Cheerful. Cranberry juice can naturally fight the bad bacteria that exist in the urinary tract system. Drink one glass of cranberry juice daily and see the results!