How To Get Rid Of Hiccups Quickly

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups Quickly

Hiccups occur because the vocal cords close suddenly as a result of the contraction in the diaphragm and produce a hiccup sound. The diaphragm is the muscular membrane of the chest and abdominal cavity that plays an important role in the respiratory system. There are many factors that can cause occasional hiccups that cannot be predicted.

Cause of hiccups:

Drinking hot drinks
Drinking soft drinks
Extreme and sudden temperature changes
Eating too much
Smoking or smoking cigarettes
Drinking alcoholic beverages
Eat spicy food
Eat quickly

Hiccups are also divided into 2 types:

Light hiccups are the hiccups that mostly occur in people and only last a minute or a few minutes.

Heavy hiccups are hiccups that last for hours or even days. If this is the case, then you should be vigilant because it can be a sign that something goes wrong in your body.

Things that may be the cause of your hard and long hiccups are the presence of disorders of the brain, chronic illness, infection, herpes, metabolic system disorders in the body, or because you are under the influence of drugs. So you should immediately see a doctor.

How to remove hiccups

Many people suggest various hints on how to remove different hiccups when we experience hiccups. Maybe you will feel confused because there are too many ways to stop the hiccups.

There are people who used to stop the hiccups by holding their breath, there is also a stop hiccup by drinking water. Below are various ways to eliminate hiccups for adults.

1. Lime
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Lime is rich in useful content for the body can also be used as a way to eliminate hiccups quickly.
The trick is:

Drink directly lemon juice, squeeze it directly in the mouth.
The high content of vitamin C will eliminate the disruption of the vagus nerve.

2. Eucalyptus oil
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Applying eucalyptus oil on the neck and abdomen can be a way of eliminating prolonged hiccups. The essential oil content and heat sensation can eliminate hiccups.

How to remove hiccup with eucalyptus oil is:

Apply eucalyptus oil on the neck and stomach area evenly. The sensation of warmth can eliminate hiccups.

3. Ice cubes
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By rubbing ice cubes in your throat will slowly help the nerves become more relaxed so that the hiccups will disappear. This is one way to quickly eliminate hiccups.

4. Sugar
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By eating one tablespoon of sugar can be used as a way to eliminate continuous hiccups because sugar can stimulate the diaphragm muscles.

Here is how:
Enter the sugar in the mouth for 5 minutes, then you can swallow or remove it from the mouth.

5. Stuck out the tongue
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How to remove hiccups without drinking is by sticking out the tongue. The purpose of sticking out the tongue is to stimulate the nasopharynx and vagus nerve. These nerves affect the muscles of the mouth, throat, and regulate the contractions that occur in the diaphragm

6. Hold your breath
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The most common way that has been widely known by everyone is by holding your breath. Holding your breath is believed to be used as a powerful way to eliminate hiccups as this will make carbon dioxide levels in the body increases.

The trick is: Hold your breath as long as you can.

7. Breathe with plastic bags or paper
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A powerful way to eliminate the hiccup is by breathing using a plastic bag or paper aimed to hold your breath for increased carbon dioxide levels. Breathing by using a plastic bag or paper, you are actually inhaling again carbon dioxide released. Breathe normally with a plastic bag or paper.

8. Drink warm water
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Warm water can help to smooth the circulation of blood and oxygen so that the oxygen required by the body is met.

The trick is:

Drink warm water and hold your breath with your body bent as long as you can. Then restore the body position in a state of well still with breath-hold then drink and breathe as usual.

9. Adjust the breathing
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Here is how to remove continuous hiccups by breathing. Breathe regularly and correctly. In order for oxygen and carbon dioxide can enter alternately into the body with the right level.

The trick is:
Take a deep breath and hold as hard as you can, then exhale.

10. Hold your breath by bending both knees
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Hold your breath while bending both knees can also be done as a way to remove hiccups.

11. Headstand
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Doing a headstand aims to turn the body so that blood circulation and oxygen become reversed.