How Physics Saved our lives

How Physics Saved our lives

Although physics is fundamental in all of today’s advanced technology areas but only a few people are willing to learn this field of science. People think it is difficult and confusing but what we do and what we have now is the result of physics.

1. Electricity


Almost all of the areas in the world today have electrical facilities. If we look back before modern civilization, the world at night was very dark. However, after the discovery of electricity by scientists of physics now the world at night could be bright. If there is no electricity today, it means that there will be no lighting at night. The result is the world will be so dark if people don’t understand the science of physics.

2. Internet


Almost everyone today is highly dependent on the internet. The internet is strongly influenced by signals or electromagnetic waves. Imagine if scientists were not trying to solve the old day's electromagnetic waves. What happens now? we will be very hard to communicate with each other and still use the mail post.

3. TV and radios


Similar to the internet, television and radio are influenced by electromagnetic waves. Scientists of physics play an important role in the creation of television and radio broadcasts. In television, we know the terms wave UHF and VHF which are important materials in the world of physics. It Would be difficult to get any information or have entertainment if physics does not exist in life.

4.Advanced vehicles

Advanced Vehicle

One of the contributions of physics to civilization is the invention of cars, motorcycles, and aircraft. Physics was created for the birth of such modern vehicles today. Many applications in the world of physics concepts underlying engine applications are built on the motor to the aircraft engine.

5. Industrial development

Physics is also a vital role in the industrial world. Since the invention of the steam engine, the industrial world is growing very rapidly and move from human labor into mechanical power. The industrial world owns a lot of equipment that uses the basic concepts of physics.

6. Development in the medical world


Since physics was discovered and developed, the medical world has evolved. The discovery of X-rays, EKG, microscopes are the tools derived from the concept of physics that have been found by physicists. Since then, the medical world is becoming more advanced than ever before.