High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a Degree

High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a Degree

What kind of job without a college degree but have a fairly high salary? In today's digital age, anything is impossible. Instead, you have many choices.

In a study conducted by financial finance consultants in London, UK, some of the following job industries do not require high degrees for their workers.

1. Marketing

Everyone can be a sales person, just not everyone can be a successful salesman. If you are a creative person who even has a talented "selling" with a persuasive approach, marketing is the industry that suits you best.

Well, the sales salary figure is standard. But there is an opportunity to accumulate income from sales commissions that can be obtained with your sales skills.

This level of work starts from:

Junior Marketing Executive
Online Marketing Assistant
Events Marketing Assistant
Commercial Reporting Analyst

While at senior level:
Head of Marketing
Marketing Manager
Marketing Executive

2. Digital Industry

If SEO, CRO, PPC and Adwords are inherent jargon in your everyday life, maybe you are ready to work in the digital industry. In this fast-moving industry, you can say that the science you learned while leaving university may be irrelevant in the future because of Google's frequent updates, which require technology experts to learn new strategies.

Not only "mix" program formula alone, some interesting positions in the digital world can also be your target.

Beginner positions are usually:

PR & Social Media Assistant
Features Intern
Content Writer
Media Operations Assistant

While senior position:

Head of SEO
PPC Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Head of Digital Content

3. Division of HRD

If you are very organized, influential when talking to people and giving opinions that many people hear especially in difficult situations, then a career in Human Resources can be a suitable route for your career development.

Joining this division from the start in the ranks of staff ensures you to have a definite career ladder.

4. Personal Assistant

A career as a Personal Assistant can also be quite promising when you choose not to continue your education at the University level. Positive is the key in the business, being able to schedule, be patient and stay calm under pressure too.

Many companies view PA as an important driver in the workplace, and Personal Assistant salaries may vary depending on length of service and scope of work.

5. Cabin Crew

While it may require an educational qualification, it is also open to applicants with no degree in degrees. The main standard is completing standard airline training - it usually takes an intense four weeks, be it classroom meetings and hands-on practice.

The airline is known to provide its staff with out-of-pocket accommodation for long-haul flights.

6. Entrepreneur

Maybe office life is not for you, and starting your own business is like a call. Well, this is unquestionable. You can work at home with an indefinite time flexibility, but revenue keeps coming as long as you reliably promote a managed business huh.

Anyone has a hidden "unicorn" talent and when it is more sharpened it will "produce". Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are building a giant business to billions of dollars in assets. If you are motivated and have great confidence, maybe now is the time to start building your own kingdom.

7. Fashion Industry

In the creative industry, qualifying experience often becomes the standard for earning the desired salary. But of course the journey to get to the "top" is very demanding hard work and low pay at the beginning. If you're willing to start at the bottom, get the experience you can to strengthen your CV portfolio, as well as visual representations of your hard work.

8. Food Stylist

You often see photos of luscious food in magazines and social media. A food stylist is an important role behind it all. The task is to arrange food as interesting as possible so that it looks evocative taste. The works of food stylist can be appreciated for a very high salary, you know.