Here’s What Marijuana Looks Like Under The Microscope

Here’s What Marijuana Looks Like Under The Microscope

Marijuana plants have been known to humans for a long time as a fabric because of its strong fiber. The hemp seeds are used as a source of oil.

A scientist was researching plants with this latin name Cannabis sativa. In the book Cannabis Under The Microscope: A Visual Exploration of Medicinal Satica and C. Indica by Ford McCann.

Here are 10 sightings of marijuana when viewed using a microscope.

1. Trichom gland on the edge of flower petals. The width of the image is 0.5 mm wide.

2. An unknown crystal is found on the surface of the bud structure. Most likely, these crystals come from dry hydroponic chemicals.

3. Appearance of calcium oxalate crystals. Even a small dose of calcium oxalate was enough to cause a burning sensation in the mouth and intense throat. The width of the image is 0.05 mm.

4. The appearance of the edges of marijuana leaves is seen with a microscope.

5. An adult stem that has been cut. There is a fiber in the stem which is the source of clothing.

6. It's a five-day-old plant that just emerged from a damp rockwool.

7. Appearance of pistil flowers that meet two stalks.

8. Here is the appearance of one part of the petiole.

9. An optical image of epidermis stem taken by microscope with magnification 40 times.

10. Here is the appearance of the marijuana buds.