Here's 4 Secrets to Making Money from Writing!

Here's 4 Secrets to Making Money from Writing!

For those of you who love to write, surely you are used to to stringing with beautiful words. Every writer must have a purpose for his writing. With the hope of benefiting the people who reads it. But do you know that behind the hobby of writing you can have a lot of profit?

Here are the ways you can earn money from writing:

1) Become a paid Writer

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Being a paid writer is not a very difficult job for you who like to write. You can offer your writing talent to bloggers who are looking for content writers. In addition you can join in groups and offer your writing service but different people different pay also.

2) Become a Writer at Startup Business


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Being a writer at startup is the best way for you to earn money from writing. The way on how to work on this startup is that you just need to write articles and promote it in social media. When you get visitors, you will get a point and  you can exchange the points into money.

3) Become a Writer that Match Your Character

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You can write about the writings that are your character. From the news that hits / trends and latest news. News discussions or info you want to write should also be more specific that is able to describe your character, so it will facilitate you in finding news topics.

4) Become a Google Adsense Publisher

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Actually a lot of  media-advertising that you can use, but we recommend Google Adsense, because it is more secure and of course reliable. To get started, you must have a blog that is old enough, as old as 6 month and have a quality content.

After that you can just register your blog to this Google Adsense advertising media. Many people has become a millionaire and successful in this Google Adsense. This is perfect for your writing hobby, so the first thing you should do is build a blog.

Well that’s how to earn money from writing!