Having trouble sleeping recently? Try these tips

Having trouble sleeping recently? Try these tips

Have you recently had trouble sleeping at night? We know that a good night's sleep lasts about 7-8 hours. Quality sleep here is not only to rest the body and mind but also aims to prepare energy so that the next day it can be used optimally during activities.

Many think that with the change in circumstances that are still overshadowed by Covid as it is today, human activity will be slightly reduced in intensity. However, the reality proves that humans are made busier by the existence of virtual media intermediaries so that working hours or other activities become more crowded because they are not limited by space and time.

This encourages the human mind to work more actively and eventually get tired easily. If you are tired, then the only way is to rest. However, not everyone can just close their eyes and go to sleep, you know.

Well, for those of you who are having trouble sleeping, see some of the tips below, maybe they can be a reference and solution to the problem of insomnia at night.

Clean the body

After activities outside or inside the room, it's a good idea to always maintain cleanliness to avoid dirt and germs being carried into the room. It would be very uncomfortable if our rest time was disturbed by itching, sticking, and even body odor that was less comfortable for us to sleep. Therefore, make it a habit to clean the body either by bathing or simply washing the body as necessary so that our sleep is comfortable and our rooms are kept clean.

Wear comfortable clothes

Not infrequently because they were so tired, some people fell asleep with the condition still wearing their activity clothes. In addition to not being clean, the clothes you wear can become a breeding ground for germs and can stick to your mattress as well as your bedcover. It's even worse if the clothes are still tight, making it difficult for us to breathe while sleeping. It could be worse! Therefore, force ourselves to take off and change clothes specifically for sleeping so that when resting is more comfortable.

Keep all forms of gadgets

The trigger for a person's decreased quality of sleep can be sourced from communication media that are connected to the internet. This apart from triggering radiation from gadgets to our bodies can also distract us from gadgets that are still within our reach.

Every time there is a notification from a smartphone, we will keep our eyes closed and it doesn't feel like time has passed by still focusing on the gadget even until late in the morning. It's a good idea to turn off internet data or just turn off the notification sound so we can rest.

Relaxation of the body with aromatherapy

There are so many in this era, various kinds of aromatherapy are sold in the market with a soothing aroma and good benefits for relaxing the body. Not only for the purposes of yoga or meditation, but aromatherapy can also be a sleeping companion that helps release the density of thoughts after a day of working our brains hard. What's more, the rooms will become more fragrant so that sleep will be sound with a calming aroma.