Habits At Work That Can Make You Fat

Habits At Work That Can Make You Fat

There are some simple things that are often done while in the office below have the potential to make you fatter. Oh no!

1. Sitting for hours.

Consider how much time do you spend sitting for a day? Lack of physical activity during office hours will certainly result in weight gain. Too long sitting became one of the main reasons the greater the waist circumference. So, do not forget to exercise before or after office hours to keep the body fit!

2. Eating at the work desk.

The work desk is might be your main "headquarters" to do everything you need, including meals or work on projects while enjoying a light snack that turns out even more calories than your main meal. If this goes on, how are you not getting fatter? Remember to snack only when you're hungry, and replace a salty snack or sugars with fruit or vegetables.

3. Less exposure to sunlight.

It turns out the morning sunlight is useful to manage the weight, you know! A study at Northwestern University in 2014 found that sunlight has a relationship with body mass index, and getting the light in the morning has the potential to slim down. But with busy in the office since the morning, you also become less exposed to sunlight is useful to avoid weight gain.

4. Stress

When you're stressed, you produce a hormone cortisol that provokes the appearance of fat and also raises blood sugar levels. This can apparently cause an increase in the fat layer in the abdomen. Ugh, no thanks!

5. Overuse of technology

The technology in digital devices that increasingly sophisticated lately is indeed ease everything in your work. But in fact, the use of this digital device makes people more lazy to move. A study at Kent State University states that people who use mobile phones tend to avoid physical activity.