6 Tips to Keep Your Breasts Healthy

6 Tips to Keep Your Breasts Healthy

You may routinely perform personal checks every month. However, the daily habits are actually very influential on breast health. In order for the health of your most valuable asset to stay awake, try to get used to doing the things below.

1. Check the label on cosmetics and body treatment items.

Checking labels on cosmetics and self care products is important to maintain breast health. Most cosmetics and personal care products contain hazardous materials such as iron, nickel, chromium, zinc, cadmium, mercury, to lead. If these harmful substances enter the body, you will be more susceptible to breast cancer.

2. Sleeping with dim light.

Yup, the best way to sleep at night is with as light as possible. This not only applies to room lights, but also the light from your smartphone. Exposure to light throughout the night can affect some of the hormonal functions in the body that may be associated with breast cancer risk.

3. Reduce alcohol consumption.

More alcohol means more trouble, ladies! Statistically, alcohol can increase the risk of contracting breast cancer. This is because alcohol can increase circulating levels of estrogen that can stimulate breast cancer. Alcohol also becomes a "burden" for the liver that serves to remove the detox and strengthen the immune system.

4. Keeping Weight.

Maintaining weight is not just to look interesting, dear. Having an ideal weight is also important for your breast health. Women who have excess body weight tend to be susceptible to breast health problems, ranging from breast pain to breast cancer. Meanwhile, women who maintain weight by applying a healthy lifestyle have healthier breasts.

5. Sports.

It's no secret that sports play a big role for your body health. Doing physical activity such as running, cycling, or even dancing for at least 30 minutes every day can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 20%. Exercise can also stimulate the production of lymph nodes that serve to maintain healthy breast tissue.