Fun Facts About The Antarctica (South Pole)

Fun Facts About The Antarctica (South Pole)

Maybe some of you don’t really know what is the differences between the North Pole and the South Pole. Well, actually they have a lot of differences from each other, but for now, we will let you know few fun facts about Antarctica or the South Pole.

1. The Size of Antarctica


The Antarctica land mass is almost twice the size of the USA. It’s a big place! Even it was considered as a continent, but since there is no population in that area, they refuse to consider Antarctica as a continent because it's almost impossible for humans to live there.

2. Antarctica Is A Desert


Despite all of that snow and ice, with only 2 inches of rain every year, Antarctica is considered a desert!

3. No One Own Antarctica


Antarctica doesn’t belong to any country and no native people live there. “Antarctica Treaty” assures that it is still going that way.

4. Meteorite


Usually, meteorite has a dark color. Since there is no tree and most of the land in Antarctica is covered by snow. It helps to find dark meteorites. Even Antarctica is considered the best place to find meteorites on earth.

5. The Biggest Laboratories


Even though there are no native people from this continent, but thousands of people live and work there at various research facilities. Considered to be one of the “biggest laboratories” on the planet with scientists conducting a wide range of studies.

6. The Thickness of The Ice


We all know that the South Pole is surrounded and covered by ice berg, but do you know that at its deepest point, the ice is over three miles thick!

7. Home For Penguins


There are no polar bears at this Pole because polar bear lives in the North Pole. In fact, there are no mammals on this continent. Mostly there are just a whole bunch of penguins.