Foods To Help With Menstrual Cramps

Your menstrual period is only a few days each month. But if you suffer from the pain, don't worry, some of the following foods below can help you reduce pain. Let's have a look!

1. Milk
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Consuming a calcium dose of about 1200 milligrams daily, can help you reduce pain when menstruation arrives. To get a high calcium content, you can start to drink milk and various variannya products such as yoghurt or cheese. If you have a lactose allergy, try alternatives such as broccoli, which has a high calcium content.

2. Banana
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Vitamin B6 content high, you can find in bananas. Vitamin B6 is suspected to have a function to reduce pain during menstruation. So, if you want to reduce the pain, and restore the mood during menstruation, then the banana can be the right choice. Other sources of vitamin B6 can be found in chicken and wheat.

3. Nuts
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Magnesium-rich foods such as nuts, and cashews, according to some studies can help you to reduce abdominal pain and bad mood. Magnesium can also help you to reduce fluid storage in the body.

4. Sardin
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If you are a lover of sea food, then sardine is delicious and it also has a very good nutritional content. With the content of Omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce menstrual cramps, sardines also have a high calcium content.

5. Pineapple
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Pineapple is perfect for lifting your mood, and reducing the buildup of water in the body. Other food sources that have a good amount of manganese content for the body are brown rice and raspberries.