8 Foods To Eat When You're Stressed That Can Help You Relax

8 Foods To Eat When You're Stressed That Can Help You Relax

Every food you eat has an array of chemicals, nutrients, and hormones that affect the body. There are a number of foods that are appropriate to cope with stress. Basically, some food is good for relaxation when you're under stress. Here is the list of food to eat and drink to make you more relax when you're stressed out.

1. Honey

Honey contains high tryptophan. This is a compound that can reduce anxiety and relax your nerves. You can add a few drops of honey over the yogurt as breakfast. Or eating honey with toast will be a great start for your body.

2. Warm milk

Milk also contains tryptophan and calcium that gives you peace of mind. If you like to milk a lot and would like to drink it every day, you can pour a little into a bowl of cereal.

3. Green tea

Green tea or green tea is loaded with L-theanine which is a chemical to relieve stress and encourage a sense of calm. Drinking a cup of caffeinated green tea before bed becomes the best way to decompress after a long and stressful day.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate has a myriad of benefits, especially for self-care. Dark chocolate will help you regulate levels of cortisol that also regulate levels of stress. Eating chocolate also helps to stabilize your metabolism.

5. Coconut

A study from Columbia University in 2010 says that people who inhale the scent of coconut feel that their blood pressure goes down. They also experience little pressure when completing challenging tasks. You can add the grated coconut to the smoothie for breakfast.

6. Banana

Bananas contain two chemicals that can relax muscles such as potassium and magnesium. This is the reason why bananas feed the athletes after exercise. This fruit also contains tryptophan which helps the body to relax.

7. Red Rice

According to Good Relaxation, brown rice is a complex carbohydrate that helps release insulin in the body. Amino acids contained in it can stimulate the body to sleep because it relaxes the nerves of the brain and helps produce relaxing hormones, such as serotonin and melatonin.

8. Vegetables

Green and leafy vegetables, such as spinach and watercress contain folate which is a vitamin for the body to help produce dopamine. Dopamine itself is a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good.

A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in 2012 says that people who are on a diet high in folate tend not to show symptoms of depression.