5 Foods That Make You Hungry Again After Eating

5 Foods That Make You Hungry Again After Eating

Fiber, protein, and healthy fats are some types of food content that will keep you full for a long time. Conversely, the consumption of these foods below will actually make you hungry again even after eating. Let's check it out:


Bread is derived from flour made from processed wheat. But because it has been processed in such a way, the bread so does not contain fiber or protein. Consuming it can make you hungry again.

Egg whites

Although egg whites contain lots of protein, egg white is low in calories and fat. So if you only eat egg whites, you will not feel full for long. It's better to eat a whole egg that contains healthy fats.

High salted food

High salted foods mean high sodium. Excess of sodium will make you always thirsty. So, cut down on foods high in salt and drink plenty of water to reduce the hunger that occurs.


Biscuits contain lots of carbohydrates and the excess of this substance actually makes the stomach so often feel hungry again.

White rice

Did you know that eating lots of white rice will make you always starve? Well, replace the consumption of white rice with high-fiber red rice so the stomach will always feel full.