Do Not Eat These Food With Soda

Have you ever drink something mixed with soda? Like a float that blends ice cream and soda? Did you know there are some foods and drinks that can be a source of danger when consumed with soda because consuming soda along with certain foods and beverages can cause indigestion. These include:

1. Food made from milk.
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Examples of foods made from milk or milk-based are cookies. When we eat food made from milk and enter into the stomach, a mixture of soda and milk can produce a lot of acidity that can lead to stomach cramps or indigestion. Milk mixed with soda can make it turn into a sediment that can make our kidneys work hard.

2. Coffee
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Coffee should not be mixed with soda because coffee has a high dose of caffeine. Not only that, this drink should be avoided for consumption at night, because it can cause disruption during sleep.

3. Spicy food
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In spicy foods and other foods that contain warm spices such as curry, chili, and cumin seeds, it will directly raise our body temperature. Therefore, it is not good to consume soda with spicy foods. This can make the content of soda turn into sulfuric acid. You can drink milk if you feel too spicy.