Food You Thought Were Healthy But Aren't

Food You Thought Were Healthy But Aren't

It looks like people today are aware of making choices at the grocery stores or going out to eat in a restaurant. However, not all healthy food that we choose or consume is purely healthy because some might contain harmful ingredients. These are the list of foods that you might think are healthy but has some harmful elements.

1. Certified Organic Products


We always assume that organic foods are healthy to consume, but it is shocking to know that certified organic products are not purely healthy. Organic gives an assumption that a product was produced with minimal antibiotics, pesticides, but processed foods with organic ingredients are still processed. The organic health bar still contains sugar, organic cereal also contains sugar, and also organic cookies have sugar too. Even if it is organic it is better to have it with fewer ingredients.

2.  Certified Vegan Products


Vegans who eat a plant-based diet or whole food are surely eating in a healthy habit, but vegans who want to cut out eating meat and start eating processed substitutes for their former food are not really eating healthy. For example, processed vegan bacon and processed vegan cheese are products that contain different kinds of fillers and strange ingredients. It is more healthy to eat fruits, vegetables, and grains than making substitutes for products you don’t eat anymore.

3. Certified Gluten-free products


There is still a big confusion about gluten in the role of the human diet. Gluten is a protein that is contained in wheat and other grains. It is an important component in pasta, bread, cookies, it also makes the baking goods together. There are people with sensitivities of gluten that are diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Those people with Celiac disease are not able to digest gluten which will make harm their small intestine.

4. Vegetable oil


Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, safflower, cottonseed oil can be harmful to your body because vegetable oils have high Omega-6 fatty acids. People should maintain a balance between Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids. If it is imbalanced then it could lead to inflammation in the body which is a great factor for having a chronic disease. It is better to use olive, coconut, and avocado oil to stay healthy.

5. Whole Wheat Bread


If you eat whole wheat bread but still taste like white bread, it is not really whole wheat bread. Most people are craving healthy food so some bread companies add just a little bit of wheat flour to the bread so that people think it is healthy. It is best not to choose bread that has “whole-grain” stamps because the requirements to get this mark are low and don’t guarantee it is 100% whole grain. Choose bread with high fiber and avoid enriched flours.

6. Agave


Agave is a sugar substitute that may appear as a healthy food for most people. Excessive consumption of sugar can cause metabolic problems from sugar’s fructose and that is why people like to substitute sugar with agave. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know that agave contains higher fructose than sugar which can be more harmful than regular sugar. Fructose can damage the liver and get diabetes so be wary of healthy sweeteners.

7. Low-fat yogurt


It is not necessarily correct that low-fat dairy is better than full-fat dairy. The problem is not the fat in the yogurt but it is actually the sugar. So when purchasing yogurt, look for a brand with no added sugar then later you can add honey by yourself to sweeten the yogurt.

8. Breakfast cereal


Breakfast cereals are usually thought to be healthy for most of us but actually are not healthy. Companies that make cereals advertise themselves as a new health benefit and lower cholesterol. Although most cereal claims providing vitamins and minerals but most cereals are also sugar-laden, refined, and processed junk. Moreover, vitamins in each cereal have been added so the vitamins are man-made which are injected into your cereal.

9. Energy/Protein Bars


Energy or protein bars are not as healthy as you think it is because it ranks high among the unhealthy food. It contains protein isolates, countless preservatives, and fractional oils. Furthermore, these bars have much sugar as your standard candy bar.

10. Fruit Juice


We often heard that eating apples keeps the doctor away. It is actually true because eating whole fruit slows down the rate of sugar flowing in our bloodstream. Fruit juice is also well known to be healthy but the problem with it is the sugar content. Although a glass of juice has antioxidants that soda does not have, juice has as much sugar as a soda. Therefore, it is better to eat fruits than drinking a glass of juice that has a lot of sugar.