Food Myths that you need to know

Food Myths that you need to know

Food is the body’s energy source. But, it was not uncommon health information related to food that you do not get it right. Yes, it’s just a Food myths. Want to know what are the myths about food?

Don’t Eat After 6/7/8 PM

Many people think, eat less meaningful accelerate weight loss. They do not know, when not eating, the body thinks we are starving and thus slow down the metabolism. We also tend to eat a lot after passing meal. Therefore, do not skip meals. A healthy way is to eat frequently but in small portions, so that blood sugar balanced. This myth comes in from half-scientific interpreting of how digestion acts. The idea is that whenever you consume too late and go to sleep on a full belly, your body’s metabolism will slow down and rather than burning the nutrient you just ate, you will turn them entirely into fat and gain weight. That statement is only partially true and is not universal for all people.

Pregnant women should eat for two people

The energy needs of each person are different. Additional nutritional recommendations for pregnant women are 100-kilo calories for the first trimester and 300 kcal for the second trimester. For example, an extra snack before bedtime for pregnant women is fruit, yogurt, and some biscuits.

Fatty foods cause the body fat

There are different types of fat, and keep some of the fat content in the body to stay healthy. Foods with high-fat content such as butter and fries, but almonds and avocados are foods that contain healthy fats. Fat in the green fruit, such as avocado, it is healthy and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. So you must be very clever to find and eat foods that contain healthy fats. We all need fat because fat helps the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K, nerve transmission, and maintain the integrity of cell membranes. However, when consumed in excessive amounts, fats contribute to weight gain, heart disease, and cancer. Of course, not all fats are bad. Choose good fats called monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats in the day-to-fat diet. These unsaturated fats found in fish and nuts.

Avoid carbohydrates

Just as body fat, it is important to know what types of carbohydrates should be avoided. Carbohydrates present in many foods, from fresh fruits to donuts. So you must be smart to choose foods with healthy carbohydrates.

Fat-free is always good for the body

When you stop eating something, you have to replace it with another. Just like when you stop eating fatty foods, you will replace the body needs to consume sugary foods. So, it will get worse if you stop eating fatty foods, but instead eating high sugary foods. Yes, also food myths.

Meat is a complete protein source in the diet

Do not believe the meat is super complete protein source. Meat does contain ‘complete protein’, but it turned out to be full is composed of amino acids, which are essential for building healthy tissues in the body. However, the content is not fully able to meet the needs of protein in your body, especially in the diet. Therefore, you need other sources of protein such as beans, vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Organic necessarily healthier

The organic food source was free of pesticides and other chemicals, making it safe you consume. However, not all sources of organic food were super complete nutritional content. Each food has its own nutritional content so that you still have to eat a wide variety of food sources. If necessary you can eat organic food. By doing so, complete nutrition for your body needs is met.

Red wine good for the heart

It was not just red wine that can boost heart health, but all alcohol. Ethanol from alcohol can increase the level of good cholesterol, which can protect the body from cholesterol buildup in blood vessels. But do not make this explanation as to the reason you drink excessively drunk. Remember, no matter how well something, if not used appropriately, it is bad, you know.

Granola healthy for you

These foods made from beans, oats, and dried fruits. Even if the material looks healthy, but the actual sugar content too much. Too much sugar is also unhealthy for your body, you know.

Brown rice is better than white rice

There is a reason white rice is a staple in the diets of the country known as a healthy lifestyle such as Japan. White rice may go through the process more than other rice was dark, but it will be a lot of nutrients. In addition, the protein in white rice can be absorbed by the body better than brown rice. Because brown rice has high arsenic levels and contains phytic acid, which makes the body difficult to absorb more nutrients, such as iron. Arsenic is a substance that can cause chronic toxicity and carcinogenic or cancer-causing substances. Phytic acid is a saturated fatty acid in grains, including rice or rice. Phytic acid molecule includes a group of anti-nutrients, meaning that he was binding molecules of nutrients, such as iron, that can not be absorbed by the digestive system. As a result, you can iron deficiency.

Coffee is not good for health

Coffee turns out there are benefits as well you know. This beverage contains a number of antioxidants that can protect your body. In addition, coffee contributes to a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

Eating gluten-free food can make healthy and skinny

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and flour. You do not have to reduce or even stop consuming gluten. However, you can adjust their consumption according to needs. Stay away if you really gluten sensitive or have allergies.

Sugar is not healthy

As mentioned earlier, the sugar is actually safe to eat but if overdone makes health is threatened, for example, it makes blood sugar levels rise and the risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, you alone must control the consumption of sugar every day. Experts say that you should keep your intake of sugar at a level of 10% of the dietary needs or setting your eating patterns. high-calory diet, including lots of drinking and eating sweet, overweight, and never exercise are the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

Eggs are bad for the heart

Eggs are bad for the heart because it is believed to contain a lot of cholesterol. But it turns out, a study has shown that the cholesterol in eggs does not affect the cholesterol in your body. Getting rid of eggs of your diet because you’re concerned about cholesterol will cause absolutely nothing for you, and alternatively could actually be disadvantageous since you are leaving out on the health benefits they have. So, you do not need to worry, guys!

The brown sugar is better than white sugar

It is true that brown sugar contains a number of minerals. However, it could be very beneficial minerals for the body if consumed in large quantities all. In the daily consumption, differences in mineral content that is not too significant.

Leather brown eggs more nutritious than white

Another food myths, Eggshell color can be colorful, but it has nothing to do with the quality, taste and nutritional content.

Lower cholesterol with abstinence seafood

The key is in the amount of consumption of seafood is reasonable because it contains cholesterol. Cholesterol levels in the body are largely influenced by saturated fats and trans fatty acids. These are both found in red meat and processed packaged foods. Trans fatty acids contained in packaged snacks, fried foods, or margarine containing hydrogenated oil

Avoid carbohydrates to lose weight quickly dropped

The main message the low-carb diets is carbohydrate accelerates the production of insulin which ultimately will gain weight. However, limiting excessive intake can make the body lacks carbohydrates for daily activities. As a result, the body will burn stored carbohydrates for energy, by releasing water. That is why you lose a lot of water when low-carbohydrate diets.

Avoid nuts as fat

It is true that nuts are high in calories. Origin not excessive, nuts good for health because it contains monounsaturated fat and a double.

Trail mix is a healthy snack

Trail mix is a snack mix, specifically a combination of dried fruit, nuts, and sometimes chocolate. If you really want to eat trail mix, make your own mixture that is not too sweet, low in fat, and made other healthful.

Red meat is not good for health

It is true that red meat increases the risk of heart disease as saturated fat content. In fact, white meat also contains saturated fat. A plate of beef sirloin or pork tenderloin contains less saturated fat than chicken thighs with the skin. Do not eat chicken with skin. Choose lean beef so that it does not add saturated fat content in the body. So, do not hesitate to ignore the myths above. But still adjust your eating patterns, diligent exercise, and get enough rest yes, always be healthy and happy.