Flying Fox Longest and Fastest in the World!

If you’re not satisfied with the experience of riding a flying fox, maybe this one you must try. Flying Fox XXL Leogang near Salzburg, Austria, is the longest and fastest in the world!

What is it like to ride a flying fox at a speed of 140 km / h, passing the 1.6 kilometer mountainous landscape, with a height of 140 meters above sea level?
Comments from the traveler who never felt it was far from the “breathtaking”, “amazing”, and “unbeatable”.

Flying fox is the longest and fastest in the world.
Citing the official website on Thursday (8/30/2012), you will be taken to wade valleys with charming beauty of the Alps.
Although the flying fox is moving very fast, the tops of the ice was still clearly visible and can be enjoyed in a long time.

Flying fox is so tourist destination for the traveler who visited Austria.
About security, do not worry because this vehicle proved to be safe.
However, there are some requirements before you ride the Flying Fox XXL is.
Minimum age is 10 years. For ages 10-18, there must be a letter of permission from parents or the authorities.

Weight should be between 35-120 kg. In addition, you should also physically and mentally healthy. This vehicle should not be ridden by a pregnant woman. Whether or not riding the flying fox is also weather dependent. Operations will be halted during a storm, lightning or strong winds.

You have to spend 79 euros to get this experience. After wearing comfortable clothing, you stay mentally prepared to ride this flying fox. Protective helmets and hand-foot already provided by them.
Dare to try?