Your Face Tells Which Nutrients You’re Lacking

What makes you healthy from top to bottom of your body is mostly because of what you eat every single day.If you are eating a balanced diet, you are giving your body nutrients and vitamins for the body to function properly.There are symptoms that you can see from your face, so here are the signs of unhealthy body showed on our face.

1. Pale lips

Photo source : healthygoodhabits

Deficiency : Iron

If your lips are pale then you might have an iron deficiency.The best cure are from the sources of spinach,red meat,dried beans and fish.Although there are some iron supplements in the market, it is best to consume from natural dietary sources.

2. Cracks at the corners of your mouth

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Deficiency: zinc, iron and Vitamin B

A crack at the corner of your mouth are chances you are not getting enough protein.You can get the nutrients from organic poultry,oysters,eggs,salmon,swiss chard, and clams. Vitamin C is also needed from vegetables such as broccoli,bell peppers, and cauliflowers, as well as fruits like plums and oranges.

3. Red scaly rash

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Deficiency: vitamin B7 (biotin)

It is important for your body to have Vitamin B7 to metabolize amino acids,carbohydrates, and fats.It also strengthen your nails and hair.You can have the sources of biotin from organic eggs and egg yolks that are free-range.

4. White and red acne-like bumps on the cheeks

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Deficiency: fatty acids such as omega-3, vitamin A and D

You can increase omega-3 by eating salmon,sardines, and anchovies.To recharge your Vitamin A, you can consume leafy vegetables,carrots,sweet potatoes and red bell peppers.Vitamin D can be absorb from yogurt,milk,margarine, beef liver.

5. Puffy eyes

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Deficiency: iodine

Lack of iodine can be seen from weight gain and dry skin.The body use iodine to produce thyroid hormones.The best source of iodine is from iodized table salt.There are also other natural sources is from sea vegetables such as kelp,dulse,nori and also saltwater fish.