Explore Planet, stars in space App

Explore Planet, stars in space App

It's not easy to find apps who can fulfill your needs of stargazing. Here are the most famous Apps which you should have these astronomy apps.

Pocket Universe

If you are interested about stars in space , this is the perfect astronomy apps for you especially if you are a newcomers for stargazing. By using Pocket Universe you can point up your phone to the sky and the apps will identify the planets and stars near you. It’s also has a quizzes for you about planets, stars, constellations to help you to know more about astronomy. You also can have a solar system view that will show you the planets in motion around the Sun, and a section featuring individual 3D planets that you can spin to observe them.
Pocket Universe only available for iOS.

Star Chart

One of the most popular astronomy apps in the market and its free. Star Chart have a feature that can show you the display of stars and planets in the current time and it includes a time shift that allows you to see the sky will look like in the next 10,000 years. This app will your phone compass and GPS to find your location and to show you what is it looks like the sky above you at the moment. But you can also set to the other location manually to see what the sky looks like from the other side of our planet.


With NASA App you will receive the latest information details of space explorations missions. The App will also providing you with thousands of amazing image captured by NASA and there is also information about celestial bodies.


SkyView will allows you to explore the outer-space  even until the outside of our solar system. Using augmented reality, by pointing your phone at the sky and you’ll be able to identify galaxies, stars in space , constellations and satellites at any time. The app will help you to find all 88 constellations, including planets in the solar system, and even the Space Station.The good news is, this apps is not requires you to have internet access, because it’s not using GPS.

Star Walk

If you are willing to discover the stars in space with a telescope, this apps will be great for you. The only thing that you need to do is just pin pointing your phone to the night sky, and this apps will help you to find the celestial object that you wanted to observe. You will get the exact location so you can discover the object with your telescope.